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    Review The Mummy Demastered

    A run 'n stunning monster mash-up

    There are a few different ways this review could have started. Lamenting that officially licensed video games based on blockbuster movies have had a rough history (to put it politely), or the even more disappointing tales of movies that have used gaming franchise IPs as source material. Whichever way you cut the...

  • News The Mummy Demastered Comes Out on 24th October

    Just in time for Halloween

    One of the many promising indie games that we have to look forward to on the Switch is that of The Mummy Demastered, a slick Metroidvania game based on the ill-fated Hollywood reboot. Not a whole lot has been shown off about this game, but based off of the footage that has been shown and the knowledge that WayForward is...