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  • News Discover What Play Modes Await in Tetris for 3DS

    Enough content to host a block party

    It's a little bit of a shame that the upcoming Tetris game for the 3DS didn't make it in time for the handheld's launch as the original Tetris did for the chunkier-than-chunky Game Boy all those years ago. If it's any consolation, we can take solace in the fact that at least it will make it to retail by the end of the year and it looks as fun as ever. Developed..

  • News Tetris Slots into Place this October on 3DS

    The Tetris Company has other things planned too

    Since the uncovering of an Entertainment Software Rating Board classification of a 3DS Tetris game, additional details regarding said game have now cleared a couple of things up. Speaking to Gamasutra, a representative from The Tetris Company clarified that the new game known simply as Tetris is being developed by Hudson. Previously announced as..


  • News Tetris Party Deluxe Rotates & Drops Down in Europe This September

    The latest cross-platform puzzler has its release date slotted in

    Tetris is one of those franchises that just won't go away, whether you want it to or not. The simplicity of its premise has lead to countless variations in rule-sets, and the latest instalment that's out on the Wii and the DS – Tetris Party Deluxe – has had its European release date confirmed. From 3rd September onwards,..


  • News Need Some Tetris Lessons?

    We know a man who can help you master those pesky Tetriminoes.

    In these troubled economic times it is great to see some entrepreneurial spirit looking for an opportunity to turn their skills into cash. A good example of this ability to think outside of the box would be the chap from Vancouver who posted the following ad on Craigslist: In response to the economic downturn, I am offering personal..

  • News Tetris Party Tournament No. 4 Details

    If you want another chance to win free Wii Points with your Tetris skills the time has arrived once again.

    Tetris Online's press release sums it all up nicely: WHAT: Tetris Party Tournament No. 4 is the final opportunity for Tetris Party players around the world to win Wii Points™ by demonstrating their competitive Tetris skills. The top 100 eligible participants from each region (North America..


  • News Tetris Party Tournament No. 3 Details

    If you missed your chance to compete in the last Tetris Party tournament then here is yet another chance for you to show off your skills to an unsuspecting world:

    WHAT: Tetris Party Tournament No. 3 for WiiWare Players HOW: Tetris Party Tournament No. 3 will feature four rounds – Marathon, Field Climber, Shadow and Stage Racer. Rounds one and two will feature the Marathon and Field Climber..


  • News Tetris Party Tournament No. 2 Details

    If you missed your chance to compete in the last Tetris Party tournament then here is your second chance:

    WHAT: Tetris® Party Tournament No. 2 for WiiWareTM. In this exciting 15-day tournament, players in groups of two can compete playing the Co-op mode to win 1200 Wii Points™. HOW: Tournament No. 2 will feature one of Tetris Party’s most popular variants - Co-op Tetris- which requires two..


  • News More Tetris Party Tournament Details

    You might remember that Tetris Online Inc. announced a Tetris Party Tournament last month to coincide with the release of Tetris Party on the WiiWare service and we've now got additional details on exactly how the contest will work.

    Below is the official press release regarding the tournament, as well as details of the individual contests involved...


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