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    A meaty adventure

    Stop us if you've heard this one before; Switch just got a port of a last-gen classic and it's selling like hotcakes. Super Meat Boy is the latest success story on Nintendo's latest hardware, despite having released on Wii U late in 2016. SMB is the brainchild of Binding Of




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    Although the meat’s been out for a while, it hasn’t spoiled

    Super Meat Boy has been around the block. Developed by Team Meat and designed by Edmund McMillen (one of the creators of the original Flash game, Meat Boy, and designer for another well-known indie title, The Binding of Isaac) and Tommy Refenes, this is the latest in the countless ports...

  • News Super Meat Boy Arrives on the Wii U eShop on 12th May

    Also, there could be a 3DS version on the way

    Many of you are no doubt looking forward to the launch of Super Meat Boy on Wii U, which was recently reported to be happening "very soon". The title has had something of a troubled release history with Nintendo platforms; it was initially set to release on Wiiware, before getting cancelled due to file...