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    Review Star Fox 64

    A renewing of hostilities in the Lylat Wars

    It remains to seen whether Star Fox Zero will be worth the wait, but before then Nintendo are giving Wii U owners more Arwing action to enjoy. It's a blast from the past (where the GamePad is used for Off-TV Play) - a Virtual Console release of Star Fox 64. Despite being only the second (released) game in...

  • Feature Why We're Still Playing... Star Fox 64 / 3D

    Hey, Einstein! I'm on your side!

    In this series reflecting on older games still getting regular boot-ups among Nintendo Life staff, Tom Whitehead talks about why he's still playing Star Fox 64 3D with worrying frequency. After all, it's worth warming up for Star Fox Zero, right? I was reminded today by my tweeting mother (who has been described...