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  • News Hands-On: Snakebyte 3DS Starter Pack

    Something to get your teeth into

    There's a stack of 3DS accessories eager to take your money, and manufacturer Snakebyte has put together a Starter Pack that contains almost everything you'll need to get started with your shiny new machine. The pack costs €19.99 and contains: Premium synthetic leather-pouch for the 3DS, three gaming modules as...


  • News Snakebyte Preparing a Cure for 3DS USB Charging Woes

    Fang-cy that

    A new console, a new range of accessories from the usual suspects: MadCatz is working on 3DS accessories and iMP Gaming's creepy 3DS cases are bordering on notorious, but Snakebyte is hoping its upcoming starter pack for the console will emerge top of the pile. The press release mentions the usual "synthetic leather-pouch" containing "three gaming modules", three..