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  • Reminder SMITE Is Now Free-To-Play On Switch

    Get your MOBA on for the best possible price

    Following its closed-beta at launch, SMITE is now free-to-play on Switch and includes crossplay with PS4 and Xbox One players. Not only that, but players on other consoles can also pick up their game on Switch, with all progress and gear being shared across platforms. The MOBA was always free-to-play...


  • Review Smite - A Godly MOBA That Gives League Of Legends A Run For Its Money

    Holier than thou

    Following its success with Paladins: Champions of the Realm – which brought the team-based shooter genre to Switch with platform parity and solid performance – developer Hi-Rez Studios has now given its other big online hit the same handheld-friendly treatment. While Paladins has proved itself to be Overwatch’s only real...

  • Video Get To Know The Basics Of SMITE On Switch

    You SMITE just enjoy yourself

    SMITE is bursting onto the Switch eShop today, so we thought it might be a good idea to take you all through the way the game works, in case you've never played it before. It might seem a lot to process if you just boot up the game and dive in, so instead you might do well to check out the video above which explains the...