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  • News Slime-san’s Big Update Is Now Available

    New campaign! Performance updates! A lower price!

    Slime-san is a sublime platformer that launched on the eShop last year, emulating the tough as nails style of Super Meat Boy while packing in a shocking amount of content. We absolutely loved the game at launch, but developer Fabraz hasn’t been willing to rest on its laurels. A brand new expansion...



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    It's not easy being green

    If there's a lesson to be learned from Slime-San, it's that looks can be deceiving. Glancing at screenshots reveals a grungy, pixellated style, some weirdly gooey environments and what would appear to be a fairly straightforward 2D platformer, but scratch just beneath the slightly viscous surface and you'll find...

  • News Slime-San: Blackbird’s Kraken Will Be Releasing for Free on Switch at a Later Date

    Arigato, Slime-San

    Slime-San is a promising new platformer for the Nintendo Switch starring an adorable green ball of slime as he runs and jumps and sloshes his way to freedom. It just came out today and we’ll be sure to have a review ready soon, but it seems that the game has even more content on the way already. The title previously released on...