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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Samurai Shodown II

    Sensational samurai

    With its weapon-based combat and gameplay that often rewarded patience, Samurai Shodown was a different type of fighting game, but a very good one. SNK thought they could do better however, so went away and came up with Samurai Shodown II, a game similar to its predecessor but with some additions to the lineup and gameplay...


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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Samurai Shodown

    Weapon-based wonder

    Pick from one of twelve characters, fight one-on-one against the others (and your clone) en-route to a ridiculously-dressed final boss character. Sounds standard fare for a '90s fighting game, but with its 18th century Japan setting and the combatant's use of weapons, Samurai Shodown offered something quite different. If playing...



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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Samurai Shodown IV


    After the first two Samurai Shodown games the third outing was seen as something of a disappointment by hardcore fighting game fans. It removed some of the more popular characters and various movement options available to the player, drastically altering the pace of the game; it also felt half-finished when compared to its polished...