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    Review Puyo Puyo Tetris

    Switching up the Tetris formula

    Tetris is a classic almost as old as gaming, having first released in 1984 before making its first appearance on Nintendo hardware in 1988. Puyo Puyo is comparatively new, but has a legacy all its own. Back in 2014, Sonic Team got the idea of fusing the two popular franchises into something new, and thus Puyo Puyo...

  • Video SEGA Releases Handy Puyo Puyo Tetris Tutorials

    Stack 'em up

    Puyo Puyo Tetris is just days away from its Western release on the Nintendo Switch, and in recent times SEGA has been uploading some handy tutorial videos to help you prepare for its arrival. Considering the fact this writer continually gets battered by the CPU in the demo, watching these is certainly a good idea. You can see the full...