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  • News Project Sora Disbanded

    Pit stop

    Kid Icarus: Uprising developer Project Sora has shut up shop. The studio's official site shows it closed on 30th June, and the site itself will go at the end of this month. Before anyone gets too carried away, it's worth remembering that Project Sora was originally established as a subsidiary of Sakurai's own, and decidedly ongoing, Sora...


  • Fact Sheet Kid Icarus: Uprising Details Updated

    AR mode and multiplayer detailed

    Kid Icarus: Uprising isn't too far off now — at least, according to Nintendo's most recent release date — and we have an updated fact sheet to share. The sheet outlines the multiplayer mode and AR Card play, claiming the game recognises "countless" specially-designed cards, though the outcome of those...


  • Rumour Next Smash Bros. Could Be Called 'Universe'

    Game not actually in development, though

    After the peculiar 'unveiling' of a new Smash Bros. title at E3 2011, after which it was hastily shot down, we've become wary of any so-called news about the next entry in the series. Nevertheless, a rumour is worth sharing, even if the actual game is still, potentially, years away. There have been leaked...


  • Preview Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Has Pit found his wings yet?

    Masuhiro Sakurai's game of two halves continues to delight and frustrate in almost equal measures. When we played the game back in January we came away thoroughly impressed with the aerial sections but less enamoured with the ground fighting elements, and this hasn't changed based on our latest hands-on time with the...



  • News Smash Bros Creator Working On New Game

    Sakurai establishes new studio to create an experience different from anything you've ever played

    It’s been confirmed that Masahiro Sakurai, creator of the highly successful Smash Bros series and all-round good egg, has founded his own ‘spin-off’ studio in the shape of Project Sora. The new studio – in which Nintendo has a 72 percent share – has been formed out of Sakurai’s other..

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