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  • Video Episode 4 of Pokémon Generations is Now Live

    'The Lake of Rage'

    The 20th Anniversary year of Pokémon has been rather busy, with 3DS Virtual Console releases, Pokémon GO, the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon and a whole load of distributions among the events and celebrations. A neat recent addition has been the Pokémon Generations video series, which recreates iconic moments for the games in...

  • Video Check Out the Third Episode of Pokémon Generations

    A new challenger enters the fray

    There's plenty of Pokémon hype around at the moment, with Pokémon GO going viral over the Summer and Pokémon Sun and Moon now around the corner. The Pokémon Company, for its part, has been keen to promote these releases and the 20th Anniversary of the franchise. A recent feature has been the Pokémon Generations...

  • Video Watch the First Two Episodes of Pokémon Generations

    Let's begin at the beginning...

    Just recently The Pokémon Company announced that there'd be weekly episodes of Pokémon Generations, a series of short animations working through the history of the main games. It seems Friday will be the day to watch these, as a double helping has been uploaded. You can see Episode 1: The Adventure, and Episode 2:...

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