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  • News Get More Wiis

    The mammoth UK retailer has announced more Wii consoles will go on sale at 3pm today.

    Some of you unlucky gamers that still haven't got a Wii have just been given another chance to snap one up, the email went out about half an hour ago with the consoles going on sale in just over an hour. "Dear Nintendo fan, Great news! We've managed to get our hands on some more Wii consoles and will be..


  • News DS Lite Deal

    Get yourself a DS Lite plus a top DS Game for £109.99 thanks to

    The deal announced this evening allows anyone to get their hands on a brand spanking new DS Lite plus one of the following games: Big Brain Academy Prof. Kawashima's: Brain Training: How old is your Brain? New Super Mario Bros Metroid Prime Hunters Animal Crossing: Wild World Tetris DS 2006 FIFA World Cup Ice Age 2 Mario..