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  • News Wii Shop Channel Now Accepting eShop Cards

    Interesting happenings afoot

    You may remember Nintendo revealing that Nintendo Points will be useless on the 3DS, with a new cash-based currency system coming into effect for the console's eShop. It now appears, however, that Nintendo is going for a total rebrand of its currencies, with the European Wii Shop Channel now accepting eCards. The video...



  • News Japan's Limited Edition Wii Points Cards are Enviably Cool

    Zelda and Mario branded cards in stores

    Ever get bored of seeing the same old designs on the Nintendo Points cards you buy? Wouldn't it be nice to see a little more artistry on the packaging? As usual, Japan has you covered. Japanese branches of 7-11 carry the Mario and Zelda branded cards for 1000 or 2000 Nintendo Points, each of which contains a...


  • News US Rock Band promotion yields free Nintendo Points

    Drink Pepsi and make a virtual bank for your Wii or DSi!

    I'm sure some of you have noticed MTV Games' Rock Band franchise has recently teamed up with Pepsi for a new summer promotion across the US. For those who haven't, the promotion is fairly straightforward: look under the cap of specially-marked bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and other Pepsi products for a special code, enter it at the..


  • News 1000 Free Nintendo Points to EU Customers

    Just a quick news item to share welcome news

    According to Eurogamer, European gamers will also receive 1000 Nintendo Points free upon their first connection to the DSiShop. This offer will be valid for a limited time, but we do not have information on just how limited that time might be. The choice is yours: use the 1000 points to download a nice bunch of launch titles, or sit on them until the..

  • News 1000 and 3000 Nintendo Points Cards on Store Shelves Next Month

    In a move that wasn't completely unexpected, Nintendo has announced that not only will Wii Points change into Nintendo Points for the release of the DSi (In fact, they claim they already changed - Apparently 2000 Nintendo Points cards are already in stores!), but they will release two new cards with different values.

    If you ever find yourself...


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