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    "It belongs in a Museum!"

    With arcade hits such as Pac-Man, Galaga and Ridge Racer to its name, it's fair to say that Nakamura Manufacturing Company – better known as Namco – has a proud history behind it. Founded in 1955 with ride-on mechanical toys as its main focus, Namco would find global fame with the arrival of the arcade video game in the...

  • News Namco Museum Won't Gobble Up Too Much Memory On Your Switch

    Munch munch munch

    Namco Museum comes out this week, and thanks to the game's listing page on the eShop, we now know exactly how much space it will consume on your Switch. If you're struggling for space then you'll be pleased to know that just 876MB is required to download this retro compilation, which contains 10 classic hits such as Rolling...

  • Video Get Warmed Up for Namco Museum With This New Trailer

    11 games, retro goodness

    Time sure flies - Namco Museum is now just days away from release on Nintendo Switch, arriving on 28th July all around the world. To celebrate this, Bandai Namco has release a rather neat new trailer for the Japanese market that showcases what the game collection will have to offer. For those eager to build up hype for the...