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  • News The Louvre's 3DS Tour App Detailed in Video Form

    Yes, but is it art?

    The team-up between Nintendo and The Louvre sounds good, but what does it look like? A lot like this, in fact. Nintendo released a video of the museum touring application in action and it looks pretty good, with 3D models of sculptures, digital representations of paintings allowing you to zoom in on the fine detail and audio...

  • News Nintendo and The Louvre Team Up

    The Rhythm Thief's invitation got lost in the post

    Gamers who fancy a musical adventure around the streets of Paris, including some shenanigans in the world famous museum the Louvre, can do so in Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure. For those who want to combine the handheld with the museum in real life, however, we have good news. We...


  • News Nintendo Donates 5,000 3DS Consoles to The Louvre

    Imagine all those StreetPasses

    The home of the Mona Lisa will loan 3DS consoles to visitors from March next year in a new partnership between The Louvre and Nintendo, as reported by PhysOrg. The consoles will feature Nintendo-developed content including audio guides in seven languages under the editorial direction of the Louvre. The museum hopes the...


  • News Videogame History Museum Needs Your Donations

    Needs to raise $30,000

    In the UK, the Retro Computer Museum just moved to a new home, and now the Videogame History Museum over in Silicon Valley needs to raise funds for its own bricks-and-mortar initiative. The non-profit charity needs to raise $30,000 to build itself a permanent building in which to house its classic coin-ops, consoles and gaming...

  • News Retro Computer Museum Now Has a Permanent Home

    Rooted in Leicestershire

    The Retro Computer Museum just recently celebrated its third birthday on Sunday, and along with the anniversary announcement came the news that the museum now has a permanent home in Leicestershire. Now the museum has a fixed address, it should hopefully mean events and exhibitions will be more frequent. The exact location...


  • News UK Retro Computer Museum Open Day

    We paid this commendable UK-based event a visit. Our thoughts lie within...

    While it's not directly related to Nintendo, the Retro Computer Museum open day recently took place and we decided it was our duty to pay the event a visit. If you've not heard of these guys before then listen up: they aim to create a permanent display of retro gaming...