Month Of Yoshi - News


  • Month Of Yoshi Your Travel Guide To Yoshi's Island

    Going anywhere nice this year?

    Though we've finally shaken off the last of Winter's dreary cold here at Nintendo Life HQ, it's always tempting to consider taking a quick break somewhere bathed in sun and kalimba music. In our search for the perfect spot, we've come across an old travel brochure that fits right in with the Month of Yoshi. What...

  • Month of Yoshi Guide for Beginner Yoshi Owners

    Practical advice on brightly coloured, insatiable dinosaur maintenance

    Congratulations on your first Yoshi! With the proper upkeep and care, your new addition will prove a faithful companion and friend. As the two of you build mutual trust, your Yoshi can even grow to serve as a chauffeur or care for your easily kidnapped children. Even without...

  • Month of Yoshi The Brightly Coloured History of Yoshi

    Getting to know the green one

    We all know and love Mario’s sidekick, Yoshi — he’s the loveable green creature (also available in other colours) who likes nothing more than to gobble up a Shy Guy, flutter gracefully to higher ground or partake in go-karting competitions in his spare time. With Yoshi’s New Island gracing the 3DS this coming...

  • Interview Takashi Tezuka on Bringing Yoshi's New Island to the 3DS

    "We used the original as a base on which to add new elements"

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is often regarded as one of the finest platformers on Super NES, and potentially a stand-out across generations. After Yoshi's hugely popular appearance in its predecessor, it was a natural progression and one that certainly paid off for Nintendo. Now,...