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  • News Nintendo Was The Fourth Best-Scoring Major Publisher Of 2018 On Metacritic

    Smash takes highest-scoring Nintendo game

    Review aggregator site Metacritic has published its yearly rankings of video game publishers, providing a list which shows how well each company performed as a whole throughout the year based on average review scores. Nintendo ranked fourth amongst all "major publishers". For the rankings, all game...

  • Feature The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Is Officially One Of The Best Games Of All Time

    Unanimous praise from critics

    In case it escaped your notice, the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched today on both Nintendo Switch and Wii U. We absolutely loved it here at Nintendo Life and awarded it a mighty 10/10 in our review, and it seems virtually every other critic agrees. The game is just that good. At the time...

  • News Nintendo Wins Metacritic's Annual Game Publisher Rankings


    Back in 2011, Metacritic started doing an annual ranking for video game companies; publishers are categorized according to the number of releases for the year and judged by overall Metacritic scores. Also, sales and user reviews aren't taken into account for the overall rankings, so only reviews from authorised media outlets are...

  • News Nintendo Highlights Great Games in a Rather Pretty Infographic

    Breaks out the metacritic stats

    It must be said, a good infographic can go a long way. While issuing statistics and numbers can make eyes droop and lose attention, if you place some key statistics with some pretty graphics the message can be a lot clearer; Nintendo's keen to make just that point. An infographic tweeted by Nintendo of America states...

  • News Metacritic Career Ratings Pit Aonuma Versus Miyamoto

    But who wins?

    Love it or loathe it, Metacritic is here to stay. The site collates review scores for thousands of films, TV shows and of course video games, but while the site is the source of plenty of debate it has given rise to an entertaining pastime: Metacritic Top Trumps. The site was recently updated to allow you to see average Metacritic...

  • News Metacritic Midyear Report Shows Nintendo Consoles Still Rocking

    DS had no "bad games", Wii receives best-reviewed game of the year so far

    However you feel about Metacritic's methods and impact, it's hard to deny the statistics it generates can make for some interesting reading. With the first six months of 2010 now behind us, the site has released its midyear report, showing how each console stacks up against...

  • News Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the Second Highest Rated Game Ever

    Ocarina of Time still number one

    It seems the plumber's latest adventure can do no wrong, scoring top marks at many well-respected publications around the world. In fact, it's got so many high scores that reviews aggregator Metacritic places it at second spot in the list of the highest-rated games of all time with a score if 98, level with Grand...

  • News DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms"

    According to review aggregator Metacritic, that is

    For all the talk of fantastic games released on Nintendo formats this year - including, y'know, Little King's Story - keeper of the review scores crypt Metacritic claims that the DS and Wii had the worst all-around software of 2009. Collating review scores from hundreds of sources on countless games...

  • News Metacritic's Best Wii Games of 2008

    As 2008 is coming to a close it’s time to check out Metacritic’s best videogames of 2008. Here you can see a breakdown of the top 5 games for all systems as decided by the average score from all the professional reviews which were tracked.

    The results from the Wii top 5 is quite interesting as 3 of the 5 games are WiiWare games! Not bad going we think: It will come as no surprise that World of..

  • News World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever

    It seems that the world is going crazy for the World of Goo. We were so impressed by the beautiful looking physics themed action puzzler that we did the unthinkable and awarded it a mighty 10/10, the first game we have reviewed to receive that impressive accolade.

    It seems this is not only our opinion as the most popular review rating comparison site Metacritic reveals. 1up, NintendoWorldReport,..