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    Wii U eShop / N64

    Review Mario Golf

    Serious Golf for Serious Plumbers

    You could argue that the best part of many of the Mario sports titles is that they bring goofy, lighthearted aspects to those pastimes. Games like Super Mario Strikers and Mario Hoops: 3 on 3 all make dramatic changes to the sports they're portraying, capturing the attention of players who might not be interested in...


  • News Snazzy Golf Balls Added to Club Nintendo in PAL Regions

    Save 'em for summer

    Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo Australia / New Zealand have had a reasonable recent record of adding neat products to Club Nintendo, and it's now swung into action with a rather attractive golf ball set. It's not exactly golfing season in Europe — far from it — but it's summertime Down Under; in either case it's a tempting...


  • Nintendo 250x183 Mario Golf

    Par 4

    One of Mario Golf’s biggest successes is its intuitive and simple interface; it’s easy for anyone to play, making it a title that appeals even to those who don’t show any enthusiasm for the real-life sport. Featuring a good number of playable characters; varied and challenging courses; and connectivity with the Game Boy Color version,...


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    Wii U eShop / GBA

    Review Mario Golf: Advance Tour

    Like Golden Sun, if all the weapons were golf clubs

    Mario is a surprisingly active fellow. We've said it before and we'll say it again — the doughy little guy is a total sports nut, and he owes much of this to the kind developers at Camelot, who have a gift for creating really solid titles that allow him to strut his stuff. Like previous titles in...


  • Play Mario Golf: World Tour in the NLife Masters - Round Three

    Time to rush around the toughest course

    We're now into our third week of Mario Golf: World Tour tournaments — the NLife Open is underway with the code 62-8482-5663-7364. Of course, we also let you decide many of the terms of the NLife Masters, a contest decide to separate the star characters from the standard unlocks, where skills are put to the...

  • Play Mario Golf: World Tour - Results and Round Three

    Stepping up another level

    It's time once again, a day behind our normal schedule, to reveal the results of the latest Nintendo Life tournaments in Mario Golf: World Tour; we'll also get the ball rolling on the next round, too. Let's start with the winners. Last week saw NLife veteran and reviewer Marcel van Duyn — aka Drake — win both...

  • News Mario Golf: World Tour's Flower Pack DLC Is Delicately Chipped Onto The Green

    Nabbit while you can

    The second helping of DLC for Mario Golf: World Tour is now available in both North America and Europe. The new Flower pack takes up 447 blocks (that's the EU size) and showcases the Layer-Cake Desert and Sparkling Waters 18-hole courses. Furthermore, that loveable rogue Nabbit is now a playable character, and as before fresh...

  • Play Mario Golf: World Tour in the NLife Masters - Round Two

    Now it's getting serious

    After an opening week in which three players dominated the Nintendo Life tournaments, we're now up and running on this week's competition — the NLife Open is underway now with the code 38-1178-3488-9460. As promised, however, your votes in a variety of polls set the requirements for the NLife Masters, even if we did have...

  • Play Mario Golf: World Tour - Results and Round Two

    The gauntlet has been thrown down

    It's the moment that golfers have been waiting for, the results of the opening NLife Open and NLife Masters tournaments in Mario Golf: World Tour, in addition to the launch of the new tournaments. It's on! Let's start with the winners. These show-offs took up the top three positions in both tournaments, while the...

  • Play Mario Golf: World Tour in the NLife Masters

    Step it up

    With Mario Golf: World Tour now gracing 3DS and 2DS systems around the world, we decided last week to launch our first NLife Open tournament; hit up that link for the full details. As explained in that article we'll be running two contests a week, the second voted for by you, and a day later than planned here are the results of your...

  • Play Mario Golf: World Tour With Nintendo Life

    Vote for a second tournament's rules

    Mario Golf: World Tour is a bit brilliant, and even when you've gone through the single player action there's much more to do — the online options are potentially never-ending. Now, by popular demand and because it's too good a chance to pass up, we're going to be running our own weekly tournaments that are...

  • Guide Getting Into The Swing Of Mario Golf: World Tour

    An excellent approach

    Mario Golf: World Tour has arrived on 3DS, and if it's not on your current wishlist you should perhaps reconsider. It takes the basics of golf and smothers them in Super Mario charm, with a careful blend of solid mechanics and typical Mushroom Kingdom zaniness. Whether an inexperienced player or a skilled gamer, it accommodates...

  • News Mario Golf: World Tour’s DLC Isn't Locked Away in the Main Game

    Add-on packs are separate downloads

    Mario Golf: World Tour has hit shelves in North America and Europe, and we’re certainly fans of the game as we awarded it 9/10 in our review. One of the title’s features, which has divided opinion among the Nintendo community, is Mario Golf’s DLC. Nintendo offering additional paid-for content isn’t a...



  • Preview Mario Golf: World Tour

    Swinging to the fore

    Mario Golf: World Tour has had an odd history to date. Announced in early 2013 for a "Summer" release, it was quietly pushed back to later in the year before drifting into 2014 with little attention going its way; perhaps distracted by the sheer range of hot releases on 3DS throughout the year and the ongoing issues and talking...




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    3DS eShop / GBC

    Review Mario Golf

    A beautiful day on the links

    Released in 1999 to dovetail with the N64 game of the same name, the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf is more than just a scaled-back, portable edition. In fact, it stands well enough on its own merits, and it's almost unfortunate that it shares a name with its console counterpart; it really does have an identity all...


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    Review Mario Golf

    Mario hits the links

    After Mario's forays into non-platforming genres, such as Mario Kart, Mario's Picross and Dr. Mario, Nintendo realized something: Whatever you put Mario in, it will sell. Soon after, they made loads of Mario sports games - Starting with Mario's Tennis on the Virtual Boy, Nintendo soon made the plumber try golf, and, more...