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  • E3 2012 Mad Catz Has Got Wii U Covered

    The accessories begin

    You won't have to wait too long to get your Wii U accessories. Mad Catz has just announced a range of useful plastic, all ready for the launch of Nintendo's new home console. There's a fancy headset, a charging dock and an iPad-style protective screen cover. There's also a new Wii Remote charging station. Costs haven't been...


  • News MadCatz Gets In There Early with 3DS Accessories

    Introducing "MicroSuede"

    New consoles and accessories go together like Mario and Yoshi, so it's no surprise that MadCatz already has a range of 3DS peripherals designed, priced, named and described in intricate detail. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the line-up includes the usual collection of screen protectors and carry cases, as well as extendable stylus pens and a..

  • News Charge Your Wii Remotes with Sonic Induction Power

    Sit them down, charge them up

    There's truly no more stylish way to charge your Wii Remote's exhausted batteries than this Sonic the Hedgehog induction charger, but there are plenty of cheaper ones: this baby will set you back a hefty $49.99. Powering your Remotes by the magic of induction, you can replenish their battery power without removing their...