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    Review LEGO Worlds

    Brick by brick

    This was originally published as an unscored 'review in progress' on 11th September as we waited for online play to be added in an announced update. Following an update to add online functionality this review was edited to reflect that feature, with a score applied. When Minecraft first hit the scene years back, many likened playing...

  • News LEGO Worlds Just Got a New Update

    Performance changes! Online! A new icon!

    Suffice to say, we weren’t all too impressed with LEGO Worlds when it came out a few weeks ago, as the subpar performance and janky gameplay made it an experience that simply wasn’t all that much fun to play. Even so, we held off on giving it a score until the full experience could be delivered—an...

  • News TT Games Listens and Gives LEGO Worlds on Switch a Nice New App Icon

    Well, isn't that nice!

    Earlier today we shared a 'Random' post on a slightly naff LEGO Worlds app icon on the Nintendo Switch, which fell into the trap of being rather dull and unimpressive on the HOME screen. Well, hats off to TT Games, because it's owned it and offered a notable improvement.  The old logo is below. Here's the...






  • News Minecraft Rival LEGO Worlds Released As Early-Access Download on Steam

    Consoles will likely wait for a long time

    Just last week rumours began to swirl about a LEGO rival to Minecraft, LEGO Worlds, which was spotted on a flyer included in a new set. The brick-building brand has been expanded even further in gaming recently, with LEGO Dimensions bringing it into the toys-to-life market on Wii U and a range of platforms;...

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