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  • News Meet LeapTV, The Wii Challenger in 2014

    Targeting the 3-8 year old demographic

    The Wii was the first home console to successfully bring motion controls to the mainstream market, capturing the attention of consumers and selling over 100 million units. It naturally led to the arrival of motion controlled rivals, whether directly mimicking the Nintendo setup in the form of PlayStation Move...



  • News Got Move or Kinect? Then Check Out Our Other Sites!

    A whole world of gaming out there

    2010 was a fantastic year for Nintendo Life, and as we head into 2011 we'll continue to bring you 100% review coverage of WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare games, as well as all the Nintendo news and features you could ask for. If you also own a 360 or PlayStation 3 and own Kinect or PlayStation Move, you might...


  • News Get Ready for KINECTaku!

    Another Nintendo Life venture launches!

    Two months ago we launched Movemodo for PlayStation Move news and reviews, and now it's time to launch the next phase of our plan for world domination: KINECTaku! Focused entirely on Microsoft's new Kinect add-on for Xbox 360, Kinectaku will bring you the same quality coverage you've come to expect from...


  • News Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda Greatly Saddened by Wii's "Unfulfilled Promise"

    Kinect's creative director indulges in some good-natured trash-talking

    Microsoft's Kinect E3 unveiling - complete with an impressive but ultimately head-scratching performance by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil - may have raised more questions than answers but that hasn't stopped the shade-wearing Kudo Tsunoda - Kinect's creative director - from...

  • E3 2010 Miyamoto Unexcitedly Scopes Out Xbox Kinect

    Not feeling it...

    After the rip-roaring success that was Nintendo’s showing at E3 this year, you might have assumed that Miyamoto would be relaxing by a pool somewhere imagining the 3DS printing glorious 3D money. Not so, as Gizmodo’s Mark Wilson discovered when developing his holiday snaps from E3. While innocently dancing about like a kid tanked up on Sunny D playtesting Microsoft’s Kinect,..