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  • News Ubisoft's Just Dance Series Is Being Transformed Into A Feature Film

    Just watch

    Video game movie adaptations are all the rage nowadays, with Deadline Hollywood reporting Sony Pictures sub-division Screen Gems has acquired the rights to create a film based on Ubisoft's incredibly popular video game series, Just Dance. Multiple studios competed for the rights to the best-selling music video game franchise of all time...








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    Wii U

    Review Just Dance: Disney Party 2

    A Dance Party for some

    You never know how poorly coordinated you are until you play a round of Just Dance: Disney Party 2 - this is a rhythm game that's almost true to its name. While it does involve just dancing, it could also be named Just Dance: Disney Party 2 for The Skilled. Rhythm games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Dance Revolution...





  • Video Ubisoft Unleashes A Flood Of Just Dance 2016 Clips

    Warning: Footage of old people abandoning their dignity contained within

    One of the most predictable elements of Ubisoft's E3 event was the reveal of Just Dance 2016, the latest entry in the company's best-selling music franchise which has now sold 54 million copies during its lifetime. The game is coming to the Wii U and the Wii, along with new...

  • News Just Dance 2016 is Bringing Its Funky Moves to Wii U and Wii

    Just Dance Unlimited streaming service coming to the Wii U version

    Ubisoft has announced Just Dance 2016 during its E3 Media Briefing, which was an expected reveal. There were a couple of surprising elements to keep us on our toes, however. For starters, it is coming to Wii once again, maintaining the series' impressive run on the last gen...



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    Wii U

    Review Just Dance Kids 2014

    Get ready to wiggle

    If you want to juice up a party then you can’t do much better than getting everyone on the dance floor, and the Just Dance series has been responsible for untold cut rugs for years now. But sometimes, when the age-appropriate drink for party-goers is juice, the grown-up songs and elaborate choreography of the mainline games...


  • News Just Dance Kids 2014 Features Over 30 Tracks And A Dance Director Mode On Wii U

    The kids are on the dance floor

    Just Dance 2014 was released earlier this month and its younger sibling Just Dance Kids 2014 has now joined the party as well. It's available on both Wii U and Wii and as the title suggests this one is aimed mainly at children and therefore features appropriate songs and content. The tracklist boasts more than 30...

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    Wii U

    Review Just Dance 2014

    Boogie wonderland

    Ubisoft's party bus has pulled in right on time yet again, with another autumn bringing another main entry for the effortlessly silly Just Dance series of all-around good times. The franchise has had an annual numbered release since it first boogied in 2009, and this year eschews the numeric uptick in favor of a far more honest...


  • News Ubisoft Reveals Full Just Dance 2014 Tracklist

    Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, ABBA and a bloke called PSY all feature

    Just Dance 2014 will be grooving its way onto Wii U and Wii in early October and Ubisoft has now revealed the full list of tracks you can jive along to. It's set to feature a blend of old and new, with artists such as Bob Marley and ABBA standing alongside Lady Gaga, One Direction,...

  • News Just Dance Steps Up To 5 Million Sales in the UK

    The series has been most successful on Wii so far

    Ubisoft has confirmed Just Dance has now sold over 5 million units in the UK, with the Wii being the most successful platform for the series. The French publisher revealed the numbers just before the launch of Just Dance 2014, which is set to land on Wii U and Wii, as well as PlayStation 3 and...