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First Impressions: Japanese Nintendo Channel Update

Japanese Nintendo Channel Update

Along with the 4.1J Wii system update, Japanese Wii owners have also received an updated Nintendo Channel!

The Nintendo Channel has long been a mixed bag: it provides Nintendo with a gateway into player's play habits (though you'd have thought this would be possible from the basic system given that the Wii has built-in networking capability) and also provides players with game trailers, short..

Nintendo Download: 14-15 July 2009 (JAPAN)

14-15 July 2009 (JAPAN)

Japanese WiiWare is back from holiday with a vengeance, plus Shinobi!

Aside from Electroplankton, last week was possibly the driest Japanese download week in living memory. Nintendo has made up for the WiiWare break last week with five new WiiWare titles in addition to two new Virtual Console Arcade titles and a slew of Game and Watch titles for the DSiWare service. Marcel has already posted the..

News: Game & Watch Games to be Released on DSiWare

Game & Watch Games to be Released on DSiWare

Classic handheld games to be available for download soon!

It seemed like a pretty quiet month for Japan - With just three VC games initially announced for a July release and this week having no WiiWare games at all it almost looked as if Nintendo was actually running out of games to release! It seems like it was all a ruse to surprise us with today's news though - Starting next week in Japan,..

News: Hudson possibly bringing Shootanto Kakohen overseas

Hudson possibly bringing Shootanto Kakohen overseas

Arcade-style shooter may be Hudson's first outing as a WiiWare licensor.

Siliconera have found a US Trademark filing which appears to indicate that Hudson are undertaking the localisation of Grand Prix's 2008 arcade-style shooter Shootanto: Kakohen in what is sure to please folk curious about this currently Japanese-only title. The game was released in December 2008 and got some attention due to..

News: New Monster Hunter 3 Trailer Captured

New Monster Hunter 3 Trailer Captured

Plus an unconfirmed US release date!

Those lucky Japanese will soon be able to get their hands on Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~), as the game's Japanese release date of August 1st is now less than four weeks away, and Capcom are really stepping up the game's media assault with a new trailer launched within the past few days. Combining the game's ever-impressive CGI intro with in-game footage of brand new..

Nintendo Download: 07-08 July 2009 (JAPAN)

07-08 July 2009 (JAPAN)

A couple of classics on the Wii and a whole lot of Electro-Plankton for the DSi next week in Japan.

Well it looks like Japan is having a WiiWare holiday next week with no new titles having been announced via the website or the shop news bulletin. The two Virtual Console releases offer a catch-up title in the form of Super Punch Out for the Super Famicom (800pts) and yet another Virtual Console..

News: Dragon Quest IX Local Multiplayer In Action

Dragon Quest IX Local Multiplayer In Action

Slay those monsters with the help of your closest pals

Japan is getting ready to be gripped by Dragon Quest fever with the upcoming launch of the latest instalment in the best-selling series, and as a result we're getting to see more and more of the game in action. One of the most exciting aspects of the RPG title is the multiplayer mode. While it's only possible to play with friends locally using..

Nintendo Download: 30th June - 1st July 2009 addendum (JAPAN)

30th June - 1st July 2009 addendum (JAPAN)

Two more WiiWare titles coming Tuesday aimed at younger gamers and an extra DSiWare title on the 1st.

Looks like the mock tears for Japan were premature last week as some additional releases mean Japan has a 3-2-2 week it turns out. Thanks to Nintendo Life reader Ratengo for noting that the Japanese Shop news item for this week's releases had two additional WiiWare titles that weren't detailed on..

Nintendo Download: 30th June - 1st July 2009 (JAPAN)

30th June - 1st July 2009 (JAPAN)

An unusually light release week for Japan with 1 WiiWare, 2 Virtual Console and 1 DSiWare release.

After weeks of mass software dowloading we see a release week that would look at home in PAL territories or North America -- maybe it's going to be Japan's turn for light release weeks for a change? On the WiiWare front we have Final Fantasy Crystal...

News: Japanese Virtual Console list - July 2009

Japanese Virtual Console list - July 2009

Just three non-Namco games the entire month!

Japan is getting less and less games every month, but this has got to be the month with the least releases yet - Aside from the yet to be announced Namco arcade games, there will only be three games released in the entire month, meaning over half the VC systems will be ignored! The only good thing about it is that all three are high-profile games, but..

First Impressions: Water Warfare

Water Warfare

We head to the playground to see if there's enough water in its soaker to keep gamers occupied

Earlier this month, Hudson took a gamble and decided to release a first-person shooter on WiiWare. Due to it being the first of its kind on the platform and a new IP, some thought that Hudson would regret making such a bold decision. In the end, though, everything paid off, as not only did Onslaught..

News: Tomodachi Collection Has a Strong First Day

Tomodachi Collection Has a Strong First Day

Releases shows Japanese keen to buy friends

It may have taken awhile to be released, but Nintendo's highly-anticipated Tomodachi Collection had a great first day opening in Japan. Out of the 76,000 units that were shipped, 38,000 were sold on the game's first day on the market, which equates to a 50% sell-through rate. That's pretty impressive seeing as the top game last week sold only 38,000 units..

Nintendo Download: 23-24 June 2009 (Japan)

23-24 June 2009 (Japan)

A feast of DSiWare titles to end the drought, an anticipated WiiWare title from Hudson and *two* arcade classics next week!

Well, after weeks without a new DSiWare release in Japan the storm gates have been opened and next Wednesday is serving up a bumper crop of titles for the portable download service. Chuugakku Kihon Hana Tango Word Puzzle (200pts) from I.E. Institute, Ltd. is a word puzzle game..

Nintendo Download: 16th June 2009 (Japan)

16th June 2009 (Japan)

2+2 on the Wii; DSiWare takes a break.

Next week we have four downloads on the Japanese Wii and nothing new to download for the Japanese DSi. Mochi Mochi Q looks to be part Equilibrio and part World of Goo with cute little pink blob aliens trying to escape being eaten by cute big purple ones using the Wii remote NES-style and presumably some form of motion control. 800 points from Natsume Soft..

News: XSEED: Retro Game Challenge 2 Isn't Coming To The US

XSEED: Retro Game Challenge 2 Isn't Coming To The US

Publisher replies to personal request regarding the status of the game

Nintendo Life forum member slapshot82 recently wrote a letter to US publisher XSEED Games asking if the company would relent on its non-committal stance regarding the North American localization of Retro Game Challenge 2. Sadly, the reply was less than positive: Thanks for the kind words, but afraid it's not by choice on us not..

First Impressions: Escape Virus

Escape Virus

A fun little mobile game for WiiWare

Escape Virus is the freshman effort from Peakvox - an iPhone and mobile game developer - with the focus being on pick-up-and-play arcade gaming and ascending to the top of the world ranking in each of five game modes. The menus throughout the game look like metal car number plates which drop onto a titled plane with a nice clanging sound. It's a bold and..

Nintendo Download: 9th June 2009 (Japan)

9th June 2009 (Japan)

Music streaming, a Nintendo classic franchise and Namco arcade fun on the Wii and a murder mystery on DSi next week.

WiiWare releases in Japan next Tuesday include something new in the form of Game Sound Station from Gust Co., Ltd. For 1000 points you get access to a number of tracks from dozens of video game soundtracks. You can then purchase tickets for listening to a larger number of tracks..

Nintendo Download: 2 June 2009 (Japan)

2 June 2009 (Japan)

A 3+3 week for the Wii and another break for the DSiWare service.

The DSiWare service seems to be taking another holiday next week, but the Wii gets another six downloads with three new WiiWare titles and three new VC titles. No real surprises here as these games have been forecast in the press previously (the VC ones only today!). WiiWare titles for the 2nd of June: Okiraku Daifugoo (500pts.) -- a..

News: Japanese Virtual Console list - June 2009

Japanese Virtual Console list - June 2009

Mario's original racing game makes its VC debut next month.

It's the last Friday of the month again, and you know what that means! Nintendo has revealed their Japanese VC plans for next month. It's not very diverse this time - Only 3 VC platforms will be getting new games! The Nintendo 64, Master System, Mega Drive, Neo Geo and PC Engine all have to sit out this time. At least it's not all bad news..

First Impressions: Muscle March

Muscle March

Namco delivers possibly the most bizarre game to come from Japan in years.

If you've gotten into the Japanese import scene at all you've probably discovered that there's games released in Japan that never see localisation outside of Japan. Japanese game developers have a knack for coming up with some pretty unusual game concepts and Japanese publishers seem to be willing to bring these to a..