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  • News The Pressure Is Off With Super Mario Run's New Easy Mode

    Unlimited time and bubbles for those who need it

    Do you enjoy playing Super Mario Run but find it a bit too taxing for your tastes? If this is the case you'll be delighted to know that Nintendo have rolled out a update today which adds an "Easy Mode", giving the player unlimited time and bubbles to clear the course. This really takes the pressure...






  • News Miitomo Makes Storming Debut on iOS in Japan

    "Should remove any doubts" about Nintendo brand power on smart devices

    Miitomo, as many reading this will know well, launched on 17th March in Japan. Nintendo and DeNA's social app is certainly under pressure to deliver big download numbers, while shareholders will be watching closely to see what kind of revenue it and future apps will generate. A...





  • News Young'uns Invited to Camp Pokémon on Apple Devices

    Parents will never get their iPhones back again

    The Pokémon Company continues to explore the tall grasses outside Nintendo. Following the release of a Pokémon Trading Card Game app on iOS, a free, kid-centered app called Camp Pokémon is now available. Camp Pokémon campers can explore a collection of mini-games on a colourful island filled with...


  • News The Pokémon Trading Card Game Is Coming To iPad This Year

    Confirmed during Pokémon World Championship

    It has been confirmed that The Pokémon Trading Card Game is making the leap to the iPad this year. The news broke at the ongoing Pokémon World Championship when Josh Wittenkeller tweeted an image of the game in action on Apple's tablet device. Kotaku has since received confirmation from The Pokémon



  • News Aksys Games Confirms 999: The Novel For iOS

    The official website does plug the full games, at least

    During February Zero Escape series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi emphasized the challenges he was facing to make a third game in the franchise, with publishers apparently not deeming another entry financially viable. Uchikoshi-san was touched by fan support, however, and is contemplating alternative...








  • News iOS Developers May Be Able To Port Games To The Wii U

    Opens plenty of opportunities

    Nintendo is opening its doors to even more indie developers than ever, but it would seem that a new third-party service could make it even easier for bedroom coders to get their titles onto the Wii U eShop. According to a tweet from Steward Christie — who works for Tizen App Developers and is currently attending GDC...

  • News Liberation Maiden Takes Flight to iOS

    Flying solo from 3DS

    In a surprising development, former Guild01 compilation game and current eShop download, Liberation Maiden, has made the jump to Apple's iOS platform. We say that this is surprising, but it's now just one of a number of 3DS titles that have gone in either direction between the Nintendo handheld and smartphone/tablet devices...


  • News Pokémon TV App Makes Its Way Onto iOS And Android Devices

    Streaming the latest episodes to your smartphones and tablets

    More Pokémon news follows Pokémon Scramble U and the revealing of Ninfia, as Pokémon TV has launched on iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to watch full episodes of the Pokémon TV show, as well as special features and trailers for the upcoming Pokémon movie releases. You...


  • News Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Now Available For Free On iOS

    But 3DS offers better value for dedicated players

    Earlier this week Square Enix teased the world with a website showing a couple of symbols from the popular Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on 3DS. Was it teasing a sequel? A new Theatrhythm for a different series? Nope, it was just an iOS port. That iOS port is available right now and can be do

  • Rumour iOS Smash Hit Super Hexagon Could Be Coming To 3DS

    Developer Terry Cavanagh “definitely thinking about it”

    If you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch then you may have already heard about Super Hexagon. Described by its creator Terry Cavanagh as a "minimal action game", it's one of those insanely addictive experiences which you intend to play for just a minute or two but end up wasting hours on...


  • News Dangerously Infectious ZombiU App Now Available On iOS

    Zombie me up, baby

    Following in the footsteps of Nintendo itself, Ubisoft has released a ZombiU app for iOS devices to coincide with the launch of the game on the shiny new Wii U. The free application allows you to take a picture of yourself and will automatically generate an infected image. You can see the difference between the level of...

  • News Pokémon Pokédex Is Coming To iOS Devices In Japan

    A smart move?

    Japan has had Pokédex 3D Pro available to download on the 3DS since July, and it seems the demand for Pokéknowledge knows no bounds in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Pokémon Company has announced today that it will be bringing a new Pokédex to iOS devices from November 16th. The base application, which costs 170 Yen, is similar...



  • News Does This iOS Monster Battling Game Remind You of Anything?

    Poké us if you have an answer

    iOS gamers will be used to the endless production line of clones on the App Store by now; for every Angry Birds and New Star Soccer, there are countless derivative works which simply rip off the efforts of others for easy gain. It's one of the main reasons why mobile gaming leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many...


  • News Mario Kart 7 Mobile App Makes Kart Combos Clearer

    Take advantage

    With so many different kart pieces to unlock in Mario Kart 7, it can be tough knowing what's what and how to maximise your kart's abilities for land, sea and air. That's where the Combo Explorer app for iOS and Android can come in handy. The application lets you create a custom kart from all in-game parts and see how it stacks up...


  • News Nintendo Faces More Calls to Embrace Mobile

    Everyone's in on the act

    Andy Payne, chairman of UK Interactive Entertainment — the UK's games industry trade association — is the latest in a long line of industry notables to call on Nintendo to create games for smartphones. Speaking at Liverpool's Develop conference, Payne spoke in response to an audience statement that platform exclusivity...

  • News Reggie: "Mobile Games Would Go Against Our Beliefs"

    Won't be doing that, then

    While the wider games industry continues to argue that Nintendo should move into the smartphone game space, Nintendo's top brass are sticking by their guns and saying "no, thank you." The latest to speak up is Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, who talked to about the company's stance. Asked...


  • Talking Point Nintendo has Nothing to Fear from Mobile Games

    Why the rise of mobile gaming won't destroy Nintendo's handheld dominance

    These days it almost goes without saying that most gamers own some kind of mobile phone, and a staggering majority of those devices are capable of playing moderately entertaining games. Indeed, Apple's iPhone platform has been graced with some maddeningly addictive titles,...

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