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News: Take a Look at These Nintendo DS Testing Machines

Take a Look at These Nintendo DS Testing Machines

Plastic breach

Readers of a nervous disposition, turn away now — the following images of Nintendo DS testing may prove disturbing. Nintendo has published its 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility report, which contains several images of portable console torture. The report shows off some of the vigorous tests that Nintendo hardware goes through...

Hardware Review: Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL

The official Nintendo Life verdict on the new super-sized console

It’s fair to say that the 3DS didn’t have the start that Nintendo was hoping for. Launched amid high expectation and a groundswell of three dimensional hype, the system initially struggled to find an audience; it took a price cut and an injection of big-name quality software to...

News: 3DS XL Comparison Gallery

3DS XL Comparison Gallery

We go hands-on with Nintendo's new portable

The 3DS XL launch is almost upon us, but thanks to our godly status in the world of Nintendo, we've been sent a pre-release retail unit to touch and fondle. Thanks to our steadfast belief in the spirit of sharing, we thought you might like to see what the 3DS XL looks like when placed alongside its...

News: 3DS Leads Japanese Market to Year-on-Year Gains

3DS Leads Japanese Market to Year-on-Year Gains

Nintendo dominates home country

Strong performances from 3DS software and hardware saw the Japanese games market grow for the first time in two years. Between 26th December and 24th June, the Japanese market was worth 193.4 billion Yen, a 0.07% increase from 191.98bn over the same period last year. 63% of that figure came from software sales, up...

Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL

The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL

Weighing it all up

The latest Nintendo Direct had its usual mix of game trailers and release details, but they were a distant priority behind the big opening act on each regional broadcast: announcement of 3DS XL. A remodelled 3DS had been rumoured and debated almost from the moment that the original hit stores, simply because Nintendo has a long...

News: 3DS XL Trade Price is Just £146

3DS XL Trade Price is Just £146

Updated: VAT makes trade rate roughly £167.50

Article update MCV has now spoken to an alternative retail source, which states that the quoted trade rate of £146 is liable for VAT at around £21.50, making the actual rate about £167.50. With GameStop already going close to that figure at £169.97, perhaps that will be the lower end of the price...

News: Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed

Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed

Updated with battery life, dimensions

Nintendo will release a bigger Nintendo 3DS console later this year. The new console offers a 4.88" top screen, and the total viewing area on the top and bottom screens has increased by a massive 90%. According to Nintendo, it's the biggest screen ever available on a handheld Nintendo console, but the...

Talking Point: Wii U Bundles Need to Suit Us All

Wii U Bundles Need to Suit Us All

One size does not fit all

After the fun and games of Wii U noise over E3, now we probably have to wait until the next Nintendo Direct broadcast for another hit. We learned a great deal about Wii U at E3, with game reveals and system demonstrations giving a broader idea of what the console will offer. Much was left to our imagination, however, such...

Preview: Wii U Hands-On

Wii U Hands-On

Is Wii U for U?

Any time a company is about to release new gaming hardware there's a certain buzz that comes along with the E3 show that year. We've known for some time that Nintendo was getting set to release its brand new Wii U console this year, and we had a rather short sneak peek of the system at last year's E3. At the time we were unable to...

Poll: Which Colour Wii U Would You Prefer?

Which Colour Wii U Would You Prefer?

You might have to wait for black, though

Yesterday we quizzed readers to discover what colour Wii U they would like to buy on launch. The results, you might say, were a bit of a landslide. Black won with an impressive 190 votes, compared to a measly 49 votes for the white option. If Nintendo Life readers reflect the mood of the general buying...

E3 2012: Wii U to Launch in White, Black Available "Later"

Wii U to Launch in White, Black Available "Later"

All white on the night

We saw a whole lot of the black Wii U console during yesterday's E3 conference, but according to a Nintendo representative the dark shade might not be available at launch. Destructoid reports a booth representative as saying the system will launch in white, with the black option available "someday". It took years for the...

E3 2012: Wii U Tech Specs Revealed

Wii U Tech Specs Revealed

1080p, NFC, powered by IBM and AMD chips

Nintendo has officially revealed the final tech specs for its Wii U console, many of which confirm what we've already heard about the system. The Wii U will be powered by an IBM multi-core CPU and AMD Radeon HD GPU combo. Sadly, the data falls short of supplying the amount of RAM inside Nintendo's new box...

News: Nintendo Japan Discontinues Aqua Blue 3DS

Nintendo Japan Discontinues Aqua Blue 3DS

Cobalt from the blue

Nintendo of Japan will soon end production of the Aqua Blue 3DS console. The company's 3DS page lists the currently available colours, with Aqua Blue bearing the note "scheduled to end production shortly" (近日生産終了予定). In March, Nintendo released the Cobalt Blue 3DS for Japan, so it makes sense to stick...

Rumour: This is Wii U's Controller Charging Dock

This is Wii U's Controller Charging Dock

Looks the part

Wii U's controller will come with a built-in rechargeable battery, so naturally Nintendo will provide a means of charging it with the console. It may not be as boring as a cable though: it could be an immensely exciting cradle. NeoGAF user Aostia claims to have unearthed a patent showing off a charging dock for the controller, which...

News: Wii U Designed to Do The Impossible

Wii U Designed to Do The Impossible

Nintendoes what Nintendidn't

While Nintendo may have struggled to explain adequately the Wii U's unique charms at E3, the machine was created with one principle in mind: to do what Wii can't. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors that while being an improved Wii — it does full HD output for a start — it's designed to be a brand new...

News: Really, That's Just a Sticker on the Wii U Controller

Really, That's Just a Sticker on the Wii U Controller

We promise

Yesterday's leaked Rayman Legends trailer raced around the internet, wowing us with its demonstration of Wii U's near field communication technology and much more. Naturally the trailer was picked apart, with readers and some sites (like GameXplain, for instance) noticing a strange black square on the Wii U controller's underside: