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  • News Final Fantasy Explorers Will be Playable at Gamescom

    You'll need to venture to Hall 9

    Gamescom is statistically the biggest gaming expo in the world, attracting enormous crowds and stuffing itself into many, many halls. There'll be plenty for attendees to do next weekend, and now 3DS fans have an extra stop for their itinerary. Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Explorers will be playable...



  • News Nintendo Confirmed for Appearance at gamescom 2014

    Major European expo on course to be bigger than ever

    While much attention is lavished on the annual E3 festivities in Los Angeles, the largest European equivalent is gamescom — the organisers evidently prefer all lower case. An enormous event hosted in Cologne, Germany, it attracts many of the biggest players in the video game market; as it's also...



  • News Nintendo Returns To Gamescom 2013

    Confirmed for Euro trade event

    Nintendo has confirmed that it will be returning to European gaming exhibition Gamescom in 2013. The Kyoto company sat out last year's event, which takes place in Cologne, Germany. Tim Endres, Gamescom project manager at organiser Koelnmesse, is clearly happy with the news: Nintendo's return is an absolute...


  • Talking Point Why is Nintendo Not at Gamescom?


    One of the biggest gaming events in Europe and Nintendo is nowhere to be seen, but why? Over the years the company has had a somewhat sporadic attendance of events, often speculated within the media: a strength of character and desire to do its own thing, or perhaps it's due to a lack of games to show. This year is important for Nintendo,...


  • News SEGA Won't Be Attending Gamescom

    Joins Nintendo as major absentee

    Gamescom is Europe's equivalent to E3, the biggest consumer and trade show for video games in the region. It's set to take place in Cologne, Germany from 15-19th August, though it will do so without two of the biggest names in the industry. Nintendo has already confirmed that it won't be attending this year, instead...


  • News 3DS Unlikely to Feature Achievements System

    Finer points still being thrashed out

    After the 3DS's big reveal at E3 this year, a series of videos hit the 'net showing various developers and publishers talking about how exciting the machine was for them. One such video featured EA's Ryan Stradling, who spoke about the 3DS's online features including the potential for an Xbox 360-style...

  • News This Video Wants You to Know uDraw Studio is for Artists Too

    David Kassan makes a masterpiece

    THQ's uDraw Studio may have been revealed as an art game for all the family, but that's not to say it can't be used to create impressively detailed portraits when used by experienced and talented professional artists. American painter David Kassan got to grips with the uDraw GameTablet and uDraw Studio software at...

  • News Prepare for a Perfect Super Street Fighter IV Experience on 3DS

    Two control methods promised too

    It's been a long time since a Nintendo console received a Street Fighter game – not counting Virtual Console, that is – so the announcement at E3 that Capcom was powering-up its Super Street Fighter IV meter for a Level 3 Super Combo attack on 3DS was music to our ears. Still, there were nagging doubts that the game would suffer compared to its big console..

  • News Get a Feel for Okamiden with New Screenshots and Gameplay Video

    Puzzles, combat and dialogue all in one place

    Capcom's Okamiden is shaping up to be one of the DS's biggest titles of 2011, as these new screenshots and gameplay video from Gamescom in Cologne show. Taking in more of the paint-and-brush gameplay from its predecessor Okami, the extra precision offered by the DS stylus opens up new opportunities for...

  • News Bask in the Supernatural Aura of this Ghost Trick Trailer

    Detecting new phantoms inbound

    We had a short but enjoyably bizarre hands-on session with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective a month ago, and the curious DS puzzler continues to take shape under the direction of Phoenix Wright mastermind Shu Takumi. With Gamescom currently tearing up Cologne, Capcom has released a new trailer for Ghost Trick to show off more of the ghostly gameplay players can expect..