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  • Live Watch the GameCenter CX Super Mario Maker Special

    Shinya Arino tackles fan-made courses

    Here's a little Saturday treat - a special episode of GameCenter CX that's going to be broadcast live for the whole world to enjoy; it should be a fun watch with host Shinya Arino taking on fan-made courses, so join us to watch it live. #GameCenterCX

  • Video Hanging Out With Arino In The Japanese GameCenter CX 3 Demo

    Short and sweet

    Japanese 3DS users are now able to get their hands on a demo of GameCenter CX 3, perhaps better known outside Japan as the latest game in the Retro Game Challenge series. The demo's a short slice of the story mode, with your chosen character (male or female) bumping into a youthful Arino back in a little 80's shop and eventually...

  • News Retro Game Master Headed to DVD

    With a welcome extra

    Many gaming fans are familiar with GameCenter CX by now. In this popular Japanese TV show, comedian Shinya Arino takes on difficult retro games, generally with the goal of reaching the end before his time is up. The show is especially popular with Nintendo fans, as not only are most featured games from the Famicom, several...

  • News GameCenter CX To Hold 24-Hour Gaming Marathon

    Show taking fan requests.

    Shinya Arino, star of Japanese TV show GameCenter CX (which served as the source material for the stellar Retro Game Challenge), is no stranger to long and torturous gaming sessions. Good thing then, because he's got another one coming up! A really long one. According to the show's official blog (via Kotaku): Finally... Really... Truly...