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  • News Frontier Preparing to Blow You Away With More LostWinds

    Good news, everyone

    LostWinds and its sequel, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, have been two of WiiWare's most notable hits, so it's good to hear that David Braben's Frontier team is preparing to release more titles in the series Braben confirmed to Eurogamer that the series was "far from done and dusted", saying: There are still many more stories to tell from [game world] Mistralis..

  • News Square Enix to Publish LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias in Japan

    Impressive British downloadable title keeps the attention of the big guns of Japanese RPGs.

    The LostWinds WiiWare games from Frontier have gotten loads of praise around the gaming industry and are two of the strongest selling titles on WiiWare. Noteworthy for containing boatloads of character, great design and compelling play mechanics which take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Wii..

  • News LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Coming to North America on Monday

    It seems the wait for a North American release wasn't as long as expected.

    Frontier has just announced that their brand new WiiWare sequel LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias will be released on the North American WiiWare service on Monday, October 19th for 1000 Wii Points. You can check out the official press release detailing the game's release below for more information. Frontier Developments..

  • News LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Blows in on 9th October

    Frontier's latest opus set to become the 100th WiiWare release!

    We've just received word from Frontier that their follow-up to the critically-acclaimed LostWinds, subtitled Winter of the Melodias, will become the 100th game to launch on the WiiWare service when it hits on October 9th. Here's the official press release letting you know all about the upcoming windy goodness. David Braben,..

  • Interviews LostWinds 2 - Frontier's David Braben

    The big boss man talks to Nintendo Life about LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias

    It's hard to believe that LostWinds was a WiiWare launch title. It still effortlessly overshadows much of the content being published on the service and remains a deliciously playable slice of video gaming that puts even full-price retail releases to shame. The game was...

  • News Frontier Officially Announces LostWinds Sequel

    A wealth of new information on the highly-anticipated WiiWare sequel.

    We just recently featured news on the upcoming LostWinds sequel LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, but Frontier have decided to unleash a barrage of new information on the upcoming title, including some gameplay and story line information that you can check out in the official...

  • News LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Announced

    The amazing WiiWare launch title is getting a sequel.

    Anticipation for a sequel to Frontier's WiiWare launch title LostWinds has been building for a long time now. We knew the announcement was coming, we just didn't know when or what to expect. In the most recent issue of Edge magazine, Frontier unleashes a rather in-depth preview of their...

  • News LostWinds Coming To Japanese WiiWare In December

    While the US, Europe, and Australia have been enjoying Frontier's amazing WiiWare launch title LostWinds for quite some time now, Japanese gamers have had to sit back and wait in anticipation that eventually the game might see a release in Japan.

    Now thanks to famed rpg giant Square-Enix, the game will finally see a release in the land of the rising sun. The game is set for release in Japan..

  • News Could Elite 4 Be Headed To WiiWare?

    While it's certainly no Duke Nukem, Frontier's Elite 4 title has seen its fair share of delays and supposed project cancellations since development on the game began back in 2000. After a successful run on the various personal computers of the 80's, Frontier was all set to take their hit franchise into the modern era of video gaming, making use of the more advanced technology found in today's computers and game consoles. Unfortunately, technical setbacks have kept the project from seeing completion, even leading many media outlets and Elite fans to assume that the project itself had been abandoned altogether.


  • News Braben: LostWinds Was Almost Cancelled

    Frontier Developments maestro David Braben has rained praise on download services like WiiWare, commenting that LostWinds would probably have been cancelled had it been earmarked as a traditional retail release.

    Speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton, UK, Braben had this to say: It's a fantastic way of de-risking publishing. This is a game...

  • News LostWinds Is Best-Selling Euro WiiWare Title

    Frontier Development’s excellent LostWinds is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the first batch of WiiWare games, and thankfully the general public seems to have acknowledged this because Nintendo of Europe’s Laurent Fischer has revealed that the inventive platformer is sitting pretty at the top of the European WiiWare sales charts.

    Speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, Fischer had this to say:..

  • News LostWinds Nominated For Develop Awards

    WiiWare may only be a few weeks old but one of its titles is already gaining recognition from within the industry. The game in question is Frontier Developments' sublime LostWinds, which has been nominated in the ‘Best New IP’ and ‘Visual Arts’ categories in the prestigious Develop Industry Excellence Awards. Frontier has also been nominated in the ‘Best Independent Developer’ category.

    Here’s the press release: DEVELOP INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2008 NOMINEES ANNOUNCED The finalists for the Develop Industry Excellence Awards 2008 have today been revealed – with Rockstar and Ninja Theory leading the way with an impressive five nominations apiece..

  • News David Braben Inteview: LostWinds

    David Braben, founder of Frontier Developments and the man famous for bringing the world such legendary videogames as Elite and Virus, recently gave us the honour of taking part in an exclusive interview.

    In it, he talks about Frontier's recent WiiWare release LostWinds and also gives a little insight into the production of the game, the prospect of a sequel and what he thinks of the other WiiWare..

  • News Frontier Quietly Confirms LostWinds Sequel

    LostWinds was only released in the US yesterday, but if Frontier's website is to be believed, a sequel is already coming!

    On Frontier's page for the game, scroll to the very bottom to find this: Click here to REGISTER FOR ADVANCE INFORMATION on Frontier's forthcoming LostWinds sequel containing amazing new gameplay as Toku and Enril's incredible adventure to save Mistralis continues - Frontier is..

  • News LostWinds: One to Watch on WiiWare?

    With WiiWare now officially launched in Japan, it’s difficult not to feel a slight sense of disappointment when looking at the opening salvo of software. Sure, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles looks lovely and the Dr Mario update is addictive as ever, but a few too many of the titles appear to be either over-priced shovelware or ‘too Japanese’ to appeal to a Western audience.

    Fear not, because the US launch is looking a hell of a lot more enticing, largely thanks to titles like LostWinds, which is shaping up to be the kind of game that pu...

  • News David Braben Lets Fly With a Gust of LostWinds Info

    Frontier’s David Braben – the industry veteran behind the classic space trading game Elite, as well as many others – has given an insightful and interesting interview regarding his new game and the state of WiiWare development as he sees it.

    LostWinds will debut when the WiiWare service goes live in the US in May, and Braben is optimistic that the game will find the audience it deserves. We..