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  • Rumour Nintendo Set To Rename The Wii U Facebook Page

    It'll soon be known as "Nintendo Console Gaming"

    Earlier today we reported that the 3DS Facebook page would be getting a name change after several people received emails from the social network telling them that from 19th September it would be known as "Nintendo Handheld Gaming". Well, it appears Nintendo has also decided to go down the same route...

  • Rumour Nintendo Renaming The 3DS Page On Facebook

    "Nintendo Handheld Gaming" looks set to replace it on 19th September

    Nintendo is renaming the Nintendo 3DS Facebook page, according to an email sent from the social network to a selection of people who like the page. When Facebook pages change their names, an email is sent out by the social network to inform people of the change. Nintendo hasn't...


  • News Nintendo UK Launches Mario Kart 7 Facebook App

    Event Races and Time Trials to take on

    For a number of months Nintendo UK has been hosting regular Mario Kart 7 community races, but those that want to compete and meet other racers will now have a chance to do so in more detail with the new Facebook app that's been launched. As well as weekly races, the new app will allow for greater interaction...


  • News Nintendo UK Launches The Legend Of Zelda Facebook Page

    Your face(book) is beaming!

    Nintendo UK has launched the official Legend of Zelda Facebook page — just in time for the announcement of a new instalment for the Nintendo 3DS. What remarkable timing! The page already has some images from the new game on it, and is sure to be filled with more Zelda-specific goodies as the months roll by. If you're...


  • News Now You Can 'Like' Wii U on Facebook

    You know you want to

    It's definitely Wii U hype season. Perhaps the name is spilling from your lips when you don't intend it to, or you spend time fantasising about the games that we'll see and hear about in the next ten days. For Nintendo gamers, Wii U may be on the brain. For those that want to follow the console directly, there's now an official...


  • News Send Your Friend a Mario Kart 7 Item to Brighten Their Day

    Here comes Bullet Bill!

    Mario Kart 7 is out next week, and to get you geared up (sorry) Nintendo has revamped the game's official website with new videos, information and social features. By visiting the items page you can send any of your Facebook friends an item from the series, so why not be the best friend ever and send them a Spiny Shell? We're...


  • News Join the Official Nintendo Life Facebook Group!

    Spread the love...

    Yes, it’s true that we’re a bit late to jump on the Facebook bandwagon (only by three years!) but that’s cool – due to popular demand we finally got around to creating our very own Facebook page. If you're a Facebook fan then this will be a good place to chat to other Nintendo Life readers, the staff and even developers. If Facebook isn’t your thing, then it’s worth..


  • News NA DSi Owners to Get Facebook Functionality Tonight

    Keep yourself connected

    Nintendo of America has announced that North American DSi owners will be able to upload photos to their Facebook accounts when the new system update goes live around 5PM pacific time. Lucky Americans will be able to tap a Facebook icon whilst perusing their photos and instantly send them to their Facebook profile, as if by...