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  • Talking Point Why Interactive eBooks are a Perfect Fit for Wii U

    They can include video, audio and even games themselves

    So, new ideas for the Wii U, how about those? It's our topic for the community's next "Your View" feature over on the forums, and something we considered ourselves in terms of brand-new types of games for the system. Of course with Wii U it's all about games right now, as the

  • News 3DS eBook App Details Emerge in Japan

    Let us tell you about it, dear readers

    Last week we reported on the news that eBooks are coming to the 3DS in Japan this Fall, with the slim details stating there'd be around 300 books aimed mostly at children. Dai Nippon Printing has now stepped forward as the company launching the service, confirming and showing the online store at the Tokyo...


  • News 3DS Could Turn Pages as Well as Heads

    Iwata hints at the system as an eBook reader

    With the 3DS being the fifth generation of Nintendo handhelds, it seems to have so much more potential thanks in part to the era of technology it is present in. With all the hi-tech talk of stereoscopic visuals, taking 3D pictures, motion and gyro sensors, it can be easy to forget about the more simple applications that a modern games system can handle..