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E3 2010: Best of E3 Awards

Best of E3 Awards

Nintendo Life honours the great and the good

The most recent episode of the Nintendo Life podcast revealed the winners of the Reader's Best of E3 Awards, and in case you've not caught the show yet here they are: Reader's Awards: Best Wii Game – Donkey Kong Country Returns.Best Handheld Game – Kid Icarus: Uprising.Best Overall Game –

News: Our Perceptions of 3DS Metal Gear Further Solidify

Our Perceptions of 3DS Metal Gear Further Solidify

May not be what we saw at E3

The latest Kojima Productions podcast revealed more detail regarding the upcoming 3DS Metal Gear title. It seems that the publishers are paying attention to the feedback from E3 in shaping the new release and in deciding whether the series comes to the potent portable at all. Judging by the buzz, it seems quite likely...

Podcast: Episode 17 - E3 Roundup!

Episode 17 - E3 Roundup!

Reader's Awards and more!

Last month's E3 show in Los Angeles may be a blur for some, but here comes salvation: host James Newton and E3 attendee (and video star) Corbie Dillard sat down to bring you more details on some of the games and gossip you may have missed from the show. We also announce the Nintendo Life Reader's Choice Awards for Best Wii Game, Best Handheld Game and Overall Best Game on..

News: Sony: Please Be Nice to 3D Glasses, Nintendo

Sony: Please Be Nice to 3D Glasses, Nintendo

SCE exec would like to see the two companies promote 3D together

President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is happy that Nintendo has joined Sony aboard the 3D train with its reveal of the 3DS handheld. But during an interview with IGN, he expressed his disappointment with Nintendo's narrow put-downs of 3D glasses, which are a keystone of Sony's approach to the new tech. I have hope..

News: Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda Greatly Saddened by Wii's "Unfulfilled Promise"

Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda Greatly Saddened by Wii's "Unfulfilled Promise"

Kinect's creative director indulges in some good-natured trash-talking

Microsoft's Kinect E3 unveiling - complete with an impressive but ultimately head-scratching performance by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil - may have raised more questions than answers but that hasn't stopped the shade-wearing Kudo Tsunoda - Kinect's creative director - from...

News: Glory Be! Pachter Actually Has Something Nice to Say About 3DS

Glory Be! Pachter Actually Has Something Nice to Say About 3DS

Analyst must have gotten out of bed the right side this morning

Every time Nintendo does or doesn't do anything, well-regarded analyst Michael Pachter almost always has something snide to say about it. The man has forged a career out of shooting down new projects and pouring scorn over potentially exciting games. It seems, though, that when it comes to the 3DS, he's actually quite impressed: The..

E3 2010: Your Chance to Salute the Best of E3

Your Chance to Salute the Best of E3

Reader's vote returns!

So E3 is over for another year, now a distant memory as we look to the future to anticipate when we might all be able to join Corbie in appreciating the 3DS for ourselves. It's not time to forget just yet; in fact, quite the opposite: it's time to celebrate the best of E3 in our imaginatively titled Nintendo Life Best of E3 Awards! Not only will the staff here at Nintendo..

E3 2010: First Impressions: Ivy the Kiwi?

First Impressions: Ivy the Kiwi?

Yuji Naka shows off his newest project

For the three or four people on the planet who don't know, Yuji Naka is the former head of Sega's Sonic Team and had a hand in the creation of the Mega Drive Sonic releases. He was also heavily involved in the creation of NiGHTS Into Dreams for the Sega Saturn before leaving the team to pursue other projects. Now Naka-san is in charge of his own game..

E3 2010: Interviews: Okamiden - Capcom

Interviews: Okamiden - Capcom

Okamiden producer answers a few of our questions

Okamiden has remained under the radar for the most part as of late, so it was nice to see the game on display at E3 2010. After spending a bit of time with the game, it's clear that it continues the tradition of beautiful oriental-style artwork and scenery, not to mention the same unique gameplay of the original Okami release. Since the game is being..

E3 2010: First Impressions: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

First Impressions: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

Something old and something new

With so many great games on the E3 show floor, it was difficult to find the time to get in some solid playing time on them all. But of all the titles I was fortunate enough to get to play during the E3 show, it was Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light that I found myself going back to time and time again whenever I had a free moment in between booth visits. I think I..

News: Vitality Sensor's Vague Vital Signs Ever-Virile

Vitality Sensor's Vague Vital Signs Ever-Virile

Expo no-show no dodo

Those who discounted Nintendo's odd pulse-reading doohickey as a stillborn experiment swept under the carpet in favour of more potent technological advancements might want to re-count those unhatched chickens. As Nintendo of America's Cammie Dunaway told GameSetWatch: We're continuing to work on the Vitality Sensor. As we thought about what we wanted to bring to E3, we..

E3 2010: First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country Returns

First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Nintendo's famous ape is back and better than ever!

When Rare developed the original Donkey Kong Country title for the Super Nintendo console, many were in awe of the impressively-rendered graphics they had managed to syphon out of the Super Nintendo's 16-bit hardware. Now with Rare a part of Microsoft, Nintendo needed someone to reignite the series and decided to look up an old friend for the job..

E3 2010: 3DS Could be Region-Locked

3DS Could be Region-Locked

Decision not made yet, says Reggie

With no concrete release date for the 3DS yet in any territory, gamers everywhere are already plotting which importer to go with should the machine reach their country last. Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime says the company has not yet decided if the machine will be region-locked, leaving the door...

E3 2010: Your Questions: Day 3

Your Questions: Day 3

One last round of questions answered

First off we'd like to convey how much we appreciate all of the questions you guys have posted and I've tried to answer as many as possible. We've got more hands-on impressions of games played on the E3 show floor coming up, so due to a need to get those wrapped up, this will likely be the last round of questions...

E3 2010: Miyamoto Unexcitedly Scopes Out Xbox Kinect

Miyamoto Unexcitedly Scopes Out Xbox Kinect

Not feeling it...

After the rip-roaring success that was Nintendo’s showing at E3 this year, you might have assumed that Miyamoto would be relaxing by a pool somewhere imagining the 3DS printing glorious 3D money. Not so, as Gizmodo’s Mark Wilson discovered when developing his holiday snaps from E3. While innocently dancing about like a kid tanked up on Sunny D playtesting Microsoft’s Kinect,..

E3 2010: First Impressions: Kirby's Epic Yarn

First Impressions: Kirby's Epic Yarn

We take Nintendo's newest Kirby title for a spin

In the weeks leading up to the E3 show, we all heard the rumours of a new Kirby game being possibly in development so it should come as no real shock that one actually materialised during Nintendo's Press Conference. What is surprising is that Kirby's Epic Yarn is not only a 2D side-scroller for the Wii, but it also sports one of the most unique..

E3 2010: Reader Questions - Day Two

Reader Questions - Day Two

More of your E3 questions answered!

Well two days of E3 down and one more to go, so here is yet another round of your questions answered. There's still one more afternoon of booth visits to take in and then the individual game impressions will start flowing more regularly. Until then, sit back and enjoy the Q&A and hopefully this will shed some more light on some of the games and how they..

E3 2010: First Impressions: Nintendo 3DS

First Impressions: Nintendo 3DS

Hands on with Nintendo's amazing 3D portable

Any time there's an announcement of new video game hardware, a certain buzz is created. In all truth, you couldn't walk five feet on the streets of Los Angeles on the way to the Convention Center without hearing someone talking about Nintendo's upcoming 3DS system. Even the line for the Nintendo keynote...

E3 2010: Rumour: 3DS May Allow Game Installs

Rumour: 3DS May Allow Game Installs

Off the cart, on the move

Japanese paper Nikkei, a source of many rumours that have been true in the past, is reporting that one new feature of the 3DS will be the ability to copy software from game cartridges onto the 3DS's internal memory, opening up the possibility of a console packed with games and no more lost cartridges. Of course, this raises...

E3 2010: Wii 2 Will Probably be 3D, says Iwata

Wii 2 Will Probably be 3D, says Iwata

Might take a while, though

The world gaming world is riding the crest of a 3D wave at the moment, with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all moving into that space in the near future. Nintendo, however, is the only console manufacturer to be bringing three dimensions to the portable space, but company president Satoru Iwata has revealed its next home console will likely offer 3D as well. Speaking to..