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  • News The Tragic Tale of Bonk: Brink of Extinction Developer Pi Studios

    You don't always get a happy ending

    Remember Bonk: Brink of Extinction? It was an update of Hudson's famous TurboGrafx-16 platformer that was supposed to come out on WiiWare in 2010, but was cancelled despite being almost finished. Texas-based Pi Studios - the team behind the update - closed in 2011, but many of its staff moved on to form Oscar...

  • News The Disney Projects That Never Came To Life

    Mickey Mouse titles that could have been

    It's come to light that Buena Vista Games - now known as Disney Interactive Studios - was experimenting with different ideas for a Mickey Mouse game long before Disney Epic Mickey became a reality. The proposed Mickey Mouse title - given the working title Spy Mickey - sadly never got past the concept phase,...





  • News Reggie: Big Guns Focusing on Future Wii U Projects

    To appear at E3 2013, or earlier if we're lucky

    Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently conducted an interview with, talking about all things Wii U and no doubt mentioned that "it's all about the experience" on at least one occasion. When asked about future Wii U projects, Fils-Aime stated that arguably Nintendo's...

  • News Platinum Love The 3DS, But Are Too Busy To Work On It Right Now

    A case of "what if"

    Platinum Games executive director Atsushi Inaba has expressed his admiration for Nintendo's 3DS console in a recent interview with The Verge, but has also added that the company has too many ongoing projects to fund development for a 3DS game at present. He said: We are very interested in the Nintendo 3DS as a platform. I view...

  • News Nintendo Is Getting Its Hands Dirty With Bayonetta 2

    Platinum confirm that Nintendo has producers working on the title

    We've already been over the fact that Bayonetta 2's announcement for the Wii U has upset a very vocal minority of fanboys who expected the sequel to come to the PS3 or Xbox 360, but it's possible that there could be further misery in store for those who cried foul at the news...

  • Interview Unity - Licensing Deal Means A New Era For Indies On Nintendo Systems

    We speak exclusively to Unity's Tracy Erickson about the new agreement with Nintendo

    Nintendo recently signed a worldwide license agreement with Unity Technologies to bring its multi-platform engine and development tools to the Wii U. To get a better idea of what benefits this deal will bring, we spoke exclusively to Unity's Tracy Erickson, who is...

  • News Platinum: Without Nintendo, There Would Be No Bayonetta 2

    Right place, right time

    The announcment of Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U sent shockwaves through the gaming world, causing lovers of the original to cry foul and forcing Platinum Games to publish a statement which insisted that the release was not an attempt to snub existing fans. Card-carrying Otaku may wish to look away now, as the developer has...

  • News Unsure About Wii U's Online Capabilities? Don't Worry, So Are Some Developers

    Tekken Tag 2 producer admits he doesn't fully understand the online side of Wii U

    Nintendo has devulged quite a bit of information on its forthcoming Wii U console lately, but the company is still holding some cards close to its chest. The true extent of its online functionality is one of the things that remains a little fuzzy. Don't feel upset,...

  • News Gears of War Creator Loves Nintendo, Will Be Watching Wii U Closely

    Feels Nintendo have "lost a little of their core" but are dealing with it

    The man behind the muscle-bound Gears of War series has stated that he'll be keeping a close eye on the Wii U. Cliff Bleszinski - Design Director at Epic Games - was responding to open questions on Reddit and had this to say about Nintendo's new console: Being raised on All...

  • News Nnooo Keen To Exploit Asymmetric Gameplay On Wii U

    "You’ve got to use it, otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity"

    We already know that Australian dev Nnooo is planning to produce games for the Wii U, but the company has recently given a few more details relating to its unannounced projects. Speaking to Aussie-Gamer, Nnooo's Nic Watt had this to say: We’ve already got one game concept that...

  • News Forza Motorsport Was Originally Inspired By Pokémon

    Gotta drive 'em all

    Nintendo is clearly an influential company in the realm of video gaming, but we're just beginning to see exactly how far-reaching its inflience has been. Last week, we reported that Sony's WipEout was inspired by Super Mario Kart, and today we've learned that Xbox 360 favourite Forza Motorsport can count Pokémon as its muse...

  • News Eurogamer Expo 2012 To Host Exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Dev Session

    Treyarch designer due to talk about forthcoming FPS epic

    Just in case you weren't excited enough about the impending release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the Wii U, UK site Eurogamer has confirmed that Treyarch game design director David Vonderhaar will be holding a developer session at this year's Eurogamer Expo. The session will take place at...

  • News Two Tribes Founder: Wii U Could Become A "Casual Haven"

    Twitter mistake creates storm in a teacup

    Twitter can be a valuable tool when it comes to connecting with the world around you, but it can also prove to be a curse - as Two Tribes co-founder Collin van Ginkel found recently. He replied to a tweet regarding Wii U third party development support, but instead of using his personal account, he did so...

  • News Bayonetta 2 Dev: Wii U Exclusivity Isn't a Snub, It's About Reaching a Wider Audience

    Platinum Games defend decision to make anticipated sequel Wii U-only

    Yesterday's announcement of Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U was arguably one of the biggest talking points of Nintendo's Wii U Preview event. Although the original game was released on the 360 and PS3 - seen by many as systems owned by 'core' gamers - developer Platinum Games has taken...

  • News You Won't Be Able To Buy An Extra Wii U GamePad At Launch

    Primarily because no games support two GamePads yet

    Much has been made of the Wii U's ability to support more than one GamePad. Early rumours suggested anything from one to four GamePads could connect to a single console, but we've since heard from devs such as Blitz Game Studios that the system is now designed to work with two GamePads at once...

  • News New Super NES Game Project Launches

    Investors call the shots

    In recent months we've reported on some fan-funded campaigns that have appeared on sites such as, but a new project has launched that's a little different in its approach. It's the latest campaign from Magical Game Factory, called 'ProjectN', which will be an all-new game developed for Super NES. Unlike...

  • News Doom 3 BFG Edition Could Come To Wii U, If There's Time

    id Software's John Carmack laments busy development schedule

    id Software Technical Director and co-founder John Carmack has stated that he'd love to bring Doom 3 BFG Edition to Wii U - as well as other platforms - but has also admitted that his team's lack of time means that it won't be happening just yet. Here's what he said: I wish that we...

  • News Expect More Conduit News Before The End of 2012

    High Voltage teases new developments in the FPS series

    High Voltage Software has revealed that another instalment in the Conduit series is on its way. Answering fan questions on the GameFAQs message boards, a company representative had this to say: We haven't forgotten about Conduit over here...I would expect some new Conduit-related news before...

  • News Mass Effect 3 Wii U Developer Keen to Meet Expectations

    Also working on new IP and "another big franchise" for the system

    Last week we reported that a young development studio, Straight Right, had been entrusted with the Wii U port of Mass Effect 3, which surprised some due to its relative inexperience. In an interview with, it's become clear that the developer has more mileage than...

  • News Many Happy Returns, Final Fantasy - You're 25 This Year

    A quarter century of turn-based bliss

    Square Enix's world famous Final Fantasy series celebrates its 25th birthday this year. What started life as a last-ditch attempt by series founder Hironobu Sakaguchi to make a success of his then-flagging career in the video game industry - hence the title of the game - Final Fantasy has gone on to sell over...

  • News Bethesda Yet to Decide on Support for Wii U

    Clearly not in a hurry

    Bethesda Game Studios is a big deal in the video game industry; the company is behind major titles such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which it developed, and it handled publication of Fallout: New Vegas. Both are epic, open-world titles with enough content to devour dozens of hours, yet if your gaming has been restricted to...

  • News Wii U Ghost Recon Online Remains Barred From Active Duty

    Project is still "on hold" while Ubisoft focus on PC version

    Back in June, we posted a story which attempted to dissuade fears that Ubisoft had completely forgotten about its commitment to bring Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online to Wii U. At the time, Ubisoft's senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key stated that the company wanted to...

  • News GoldenEye 007 Designer Gives Amazingly In-Depth Post-Mortem On The Game

    Martin Hollis talks about creating the perfect Bond game

    Famed developer Martin Hollis may have gone on to other projects at the now-defunct Zoonami - creators of the WiiWare classic Bonsai Barber - but he started his career at Rare, where he worked on titles such as Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark and - possibly most famously - GoldenEye 007. Hollis...

  • News Rayman Creator: Wii U Is For The Core Gamer

    Legendary designer seems very pleased by Nintendo's new console

    Rayman creator Michel Ancel has taken part in an interview with French site GameBlog, where he talks about his experience with Nintendo's new Wii U console. Ancel's comments, which have been translated by a NeoGAF forum member, give a tantalising glimpse into the power and potential of...

  • News Tekken Producer: Working With Nintendo Offers Unique Possibilities

    There's mushroom for fun features

    Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has spoken to Siliconera about the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and briefly discussed what it's like working with Nintendo on the Wii U version. It would appear that from a marketing perspective Namco Bandai are currently keen to push the 360 and PS3 editions of the...

  • News Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U

    "Time is required before the next generation console cycle begins in earnest"

    Capcom has released its annual report, in which it outlines the current state of its business and its predictions and aims for the future. The company has stated that it wishes to move away from the current development model - which involves big budget games with long...

  • News Job Listing Leaks Big Budget Fantasy RPG For Wii U

    Massive budget and a team of gaming industry veterans involved

    Job listings are great. Not only do they offer people a welcome route into this crazy industry that we know and love, but they also inadvertantly provide leaks on forthcoming titles we currently know nothing about. Take this listing as an example. It's for a 'big budget' European RPG...

  • News Warren Spector Wants to Make a DuckTales Game

    Veteran developer keen to follow in Capcom's footsteps

    Speaking in an interview with 1UP at PAX 2012, Deus Ex creator Warren Spector has spoken a little about his love for Disney's DuckTales, and his desire to create a new title in the same universe. He wouldn't be the first person to attempt such a feat - Capcom released a DuckTales game for the...



  • News Programmer Shares Experiences of Developing on N64 and GameCube

    'N64: Everything just kinda works'

    There may be some who read this article that are aspiring game designers, possibly playing around with PC development tools or maybe even a Raspberry Pi device — that's a super-cheap computer, for those that don't know. Beyond that group there are surely plenty of gamers curious about how a game goes from code to...

  • News Crytek: Crysis 3 on Wii U 'Is a Possibility'

    Some decisions would be nice

    The Crysis series is highly regarded by many FPS fans who get their game on with an Xbox 360, PS3 or PC. With Crysis 3 due to arrive Spring 2013, it's natural for some Nintendo gamers to wonder whether this title will make the jump to Wii U. After all, developer Crytek was in the Wii U cheerleading brigade just one month...

  • News Infinite Interactive Hint at More Puzzle Quest

    The big tease

    If you like puzzles, questing and DS, then it's more than likely that you enjoyed the appropriately named Puzzle Quest on DS, or possibly its sequel. These titles generated a fair bit of buzz when released, while fans may regard them as providing some of the most addictive and compulsive puzzling on the handheld. The good news for...

  • News Nnooo Approved for Wii U Development


    Australian development studio Nnooo will be familiar to afficionados of Nintendo download services. The company was there for the WiiWare launch with Pop, followed up with some DSiWare apps before releasing its best title to date, escapeVektor: Chapter 1. The studio's continued support for Nintendo means that escapeVektor is on the way to 3DS,...

  • News Gearbox Interested in Bringing Borderlands 2 to Wii U

    Lots of love, but no commitment yet

    The developer response to Wii U has been remarkably mixed, with studios contradicting each other on a weekly basis in terms of the machine's capabilities and potential. One particularly vocal developer in the supporter's camp has been Gearbox, which has talked about the system's power and contributed plenty of...


  • News Takuya Matsumoto: 'Nintendo Influence Was Big' on The Last Story

    The Mario Club has tough taskmasters

    Takuya Matsumoto has worked on some high quality SEGA titles in the past, such as NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast, and was the development lead on The Last Story, the excellent Wii RPG that finally arrives in North America on 10th July. In an interview with Gamasutra, Matsumoto discussed the development...

  • News Gunlord Creator NG:DEV.TEAM Keen to Work on 3DS

    More glorious 2D action coming to Nintendo's handheld?

    If you're suffering from E3 overload right now, allow us to divert your attention to a tasty bit of news relating to German indie studio NG:DEV.TEAM. We've already covered the developer's excellent run-and-gun platformer Gunlord - better described as 'Turrican and them some' - but at the time of...


  • News Havok VP: Range of Wii U Titles Will Get Gamers 'Genuinely Excited'

    It's Power Up time

    One relatively unknown fact about Wii U, aside from the official information and broad range of speculative rumours, is that Havok and Nintendo have an agreement for the 'middleware' provider to make its game engine technology available to developers on the system. Havok's development tools and technology are prominent in many...

  • News Developers Explain How to Make a 3DS eShop Game

    Patience and perseverance needed

    Just recently we spoke to Trent Oster of Beamdog to learn about WiiWare from a developer's perspective, though his experience had ultimately been negative. Something that we touched upon was that the eShop on 3DS seems to be a better download platform that shows improvements over the Wii Shop, though specific details...



  • News BIT.TRIP Runner 2 Could Dash Onto Wii U

    Commander Video loves Nintendo

    The WiiWare service has, despite its detractors, been host to some terrific download games, including six BIT.TRIP titles from Gaijin Games. While these titles have been released at retail with BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and BIT.TRIP SAGA on Wii and 3DS respectively, the developer's latest project, Runner 2 - Future Legend of...

  • News Bathe in the Glory of Miyamoto's Development Wisdom

    Quotes from the master

    Shigeru Miyamoto knows a thing or two about making games. As general manager of Nintendo's Entertainment Analysis Division he's worked with staff including Yoshiaki Koizumi, Takeshi Tezuka and many more. One of his protégés is Koichi Hayashida, director of Super Mario 3D Land, who took to the stage at GDC 2012 yesterday and...

  • News Hideki Konno Discusses Mario Kart 7 and its Development

    Blue shells aren't going anywhere

    Mario Kart 7 is now well established as one of the games to own on 3DS, contributing to an important revival for the handheld in the Holiday period. We'd wager a lot of gamers are still revving up their karts for some racing, which says a lot for the series' appeal to gamers of varying experience levels. IGN has...


  • News Wii U Controller Originally Had Proper Analogue Sticks

    All change

    The Wii U controller features 3DS-like Circle Pad sliders instead of the tilting analogue sticks that have been the industry norm since Nintendo 64. That wasn't always the case, though. An earlier version of the controller than the one we've seen included proper analogue sticks raised from the controller's surface, among other changes, as...

  • Rumour Japanese Developers Moving from Vita to 3DS

    Handheld battle is getting serious

    While 3DS has been enjoying a significant level of success in Japan in recent weeks, the recently launched Vita is struggling to make significant inroads into the market. It's very early days for Sony's handheld, but reports in Japan suggest that its slow start is already causing problems, and that Nintendo is set...

  • News Miyamoto Having a Ball Working on Pikmin 3

    Now how about showing us?

    Shigeru Miyamoto has been working on Pikmin 3 for years — we first heard of it nearly three years ago — but so far we've yet to see a single snifter of a teaser of a screenshot. Having worked so long on something so secretive, is Miyamoto in danger of losing his passion for Pikmin? Not on your Bulborb. Speaking to...


  • News Crystal Dynamics Explains Tomb Raider Wii U No-Show

    A simple port wouldn't cut it

    Crystal Dynamics' big budget Tomb Raider is coming to HD consoles later this year, but it won't make it onto Wii or Wii U. In a recent podcast (as posted in the Eidos forums) the developer explained why Lara's latest won't come to Wii U: When we started developing the game we made a conscious decision that it was all...

  • News Hudson May Continue as a Brand

    There's hope yet

    Late yesterday we reported the sad news that Konami is dissolving Hudson Soft, one of the industry's most experienced development companies. Although it's clear that Hudson will no longer exist as an independent entity, there's now hope that it may still retain its own brand and identity. Hudson released a statement on its website, translated by Andriasang, which seems to suggest..

  • News Miyamoto Working On Secret, Original Game

    A lot on his plate

    According to an interview with Zoomin.TV, Shigeru Miyamoto is currently at work on an unannounced, original game. Miyamoto himself didn't say anything about the game, so we have nothing else to go on: no format, no genre and no hint at which of his hobbies it'll be based on. Miyamoto is still working on Luigi's Mansion 2 for 3DS...

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