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  • News Police Recover Vehicles Used In Wii U Heist

    Unfortunately, they were empty

    Last month a group of thieves managed to steal 7,000 Wii U consoles from a distribution warehouse in Seattle. They did this by simply driving to SeaTac's Seattle Air Cargo warehouse during a storm, walking in, loading up pallets of the consoles into three large vehicles and then driving off. Since then information has...


  • News Naughty Nintendo Counterfeiter Sentenced To 32 Months In Jail

    Crime really doesn't pay

    Last month we reported that the ironically-named Justin Success Brooks was accused of selling thousands of counterfeit Wii, DS and DSi Nintendo games between 2009 and 2011 - pocketing himself up to £600,000 in the process - and that pleaded guilty to all charges. His court case was scheduled for November 9th, in which he...


  • News Counterfeit Nintendo Games Seller Faces Jail Term

    Made a small fortune pirating software

    Justin Success Brooks has been charged with selling counterfeit Nintendo games according to the Croydon Guardian. The 41 year-old's middle name proved to be innacurate as he was caught in an investigation supervised by Nintendo and the UK Interactive Entertainment association (UKIE). The two groups purchased...