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  • News Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World Championships

    Shotgun, assault rifle, hunting rifle and 250 rounds of ammo seized

    Police have arrested two individuals who seemed intent on massacring attendees at the 12th Pokémon World Championships in Boston. 27-year-old James Austin Stumbo and 18-year-old Kevin Norton - both of whom had been invited to play in the "Masters Division" of the tournament - had...




  • News Police Recover Vehicles Used In Wii U Heist

    Unfortunately, they were empty

    Last month a group of thieves managed to steal 7,000 Wii U consoles from a distribution warehouse in Seattle. They did this by simply driving to SeaTac's Seattle Air Cargo warehouse during a storm, walking in, loading up pallets of the consoles into three large vehicles and then driving off. Since then information has...


  • News Naughty Nintendo Counterfeiter Sentenced To 32 Months In Jail

    Crime really doesn't pay

    Last month we reported that the ironically-named Justin Success Brooks was accused of selling thousands of counterfeit Wii, DS and DSi Nintendo games between 2009 and 2011 - pocketing himself up to £600,000 in the process - and that pleaded guilty to all charges. His court case was scheduled for November 9th, in which he...


  • News Counterfeit Nintendo Games Seller Faces Jail Term

    Made a small fortune pirating software

    Justin Success Brooks has been charged with selling counterfeit Nintendo games according to the Croydon Guardian. The 41 year-old's middle name proved to be innacurate as he was caught in an investigation supervised by Nintendo and the UK Interactive Entertainment association (UKIE). The two groups purchased...