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    A rival to Super Mario Maker?

    Jools Watsham's Atooi — formerly part of Renegade Kid — made quite a name for itself in the very early days of the 3DS eShop when it put out Mutant Mudds, a high-quality retro action platformer. It seems only fitting then that this splinter studio would put out a similar title here in the autumn of the life of the...

  • News Check Out the Hero Mask Power-Up for Chicken Wiggle

    Chicken wings

    Chicken Wiggle is creeping ever closer to release on the 3DS eShop, an ambitious platformer from Atooi that'll have a full level editor for players to create and share their own stages. We've seen plenty of environments and item types already, but now Jools Watsham has shown us the 'Hero Mask', the first of five power-ups that will...