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  • News SwitchCase Hopes To Give Your Switch More Comfortable Grips

    The grips are replaceable too

    Do you find that the Switch is uncomfortable to hold in prolonged gameplay sessions? If so the SwitchCase Kickstarter from Skull & Co. might be an answer. Made from soft TPU material, the idea is that it's easy to slot on, with two different styles of grips to make the Switch much more comfortable to hold...

  • Deals The Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases

    Protect your investment

    So you've got your lovely new Nintendo Switch and you're planning to take it out and about with you, to parties and such like. But let's be realistic here, this isn't a seemingly indestructible clamshell design like the 3DS, and you'll want to make sure you protect that precious 720p screen as well as carry some accessories...