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  • Video Super Bomberman R Gameplay And Intro Sequence Get Shown Off

    Explosive stuff

    Super Bomberman R may have a few fans sitting on the fence right now, but the more we see of the game the more we're looking forward to enlisting a selection of friends or family members for some pyrotechnic multiplayer action come March 3rd. Konami has ramped up the anticipation by releasing the entire introduction sequence for the...

  • News Bomberman Is Coming To Arcades As Bombergirl

    With anime girls and destructible clothing, obviously

    As well as bringing Bomberman to the Switch in the form of Super Bomberman R, Konami - for reasons unknown - is creating an arcade title based on the franchise which uses anime-style girls instead of the titular Bombermen. According to 4gamer, this forthcoming title will be a 4-on-4 coin-op...



  • News Hudson Announces 3DS Line-up

    Ball-playing, bomb blasting and brain training on the menu

    Hudson has just announced the first three titles that they plan to bring to the 3DS this year. We already knew about the next entry in their Deca Sports series, now titled Deca Sports Extreme, and they've also added Bomberman and Nikoli's Pencil Puzzle, both working titles, to the mix. The former will obviously continue the popular..


  • News First Bomberman Blitz Screenshots Released

    Check out the brand new screens of the game in action!

    The guys at Hudson were kind enough to send over the first batch of screenshots of their upcoming DSiWare release Bomberman Blitz in action. You can check out a snippet of information about the game below, along with the set of brand new screenshots in the screenshot gallery. Bomberman Blitz will allow on-the-go gamers the opportunity to..

  • News Bomberman Coming to DSiWare

    Hudson brings their Bomberman series to DSiWare!

    Over the years we've seen the Bomberman series make appearances on just about every video game system around, and now Hudson are bringing their hit multiplayer series to Nintendo's DSiWare service with the announcement of Bomberman Blitz! Below is a snippet of information from the official press...

  • News Bomberman Blast: Battlefest Coming to WiiWare

    More Bomberman action set to hit the WiiWare service.

    Hudson has also just announced that the sequel to Bomberman Live will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade this fall and will land on the Playstation Network and WiiWare services in 2010. The WiiWare version is tentatively titled Bomberman Blast: Battlefest. You can check out the official press information below for a taste of what you can expect from..