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  • News WiiWare focus - Interview with the director of Butterfly Garden

    WiiWare World recently caught up with Shayne Guiliano, the Studio Director of Autonomous Productions, to find out his thoughts on Nintendo's new WiiWare service and catch up on the development of Butterfly Garden. It looks as if things are shaping up well for the 2009 WiiWare release and that this will be a game worth keeping an eye on.

    WiiWare World: Butterfly Garden originally started life as an..

  • News Butterfly Garden Coming to WiiWare

    A game involving butterflies may not sound all that appealing, but Autonomous Productions’ Butterfly Garden still has us extremely intrigued here at Virtual Console Reviews - regardless of the fact that it contains no guns, fast cars or big-chested ladies.

    Originally entered in Microsoft’s 2007 “Dream, Build, Play XNA” competition, the game...