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  • News 3DS Patent Covers Vibrating Stylus, New Kinds of Control

    The plot thickens

    Nintendo's filed a patent for a new kind of input on 3DS — one that requires no physical contact with the console at all. The application uses the 3DS console's inner-facing camera along with a stylus to manipulate 3D images on the top screen without the need for buttons, touch screen or moving the console. The inward-facing...

  • News Colour-Based AR Patent is Hot Stuff

    You'll see what we mean

    The augmented reality games bundled with the 3DS are all well and good, but many of you want more. Nintendo's applied for a patent on a new colour-based AR concept that would make a very welcome addition to the system's AR suite. The document refers to using colour to influence the game world, giving several intriguing...


  • Talking Point Could AR Games Drive eShop Sales?

    Augmenting profit

    Nintendo made a big deal of augmented reality at 3DS' launch, but it's all gone a bit quiet on the gaming-on-your-table front aside from scant appearances as extra modes in titles like Kid Icarus: Uprising, or in its various uses in horror games that don't cut it. The 3D overlay technology, through which games and avatars can...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Battles Hit the Stage

    No more fighting on table tops

    For those who've been able to get hold of some AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising, there may have been some fun had in pitching iconic characters against each other with a number of backdrops. Ultimately, though, a dull piece of furniture isn't necessarily the most epic environment for a battle of the ages. Readers of...

  • News Panini to Sell Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards in European Stores

    Start saving those pennies

    While fans of Kid Icarus: Uprising in North America have enjoyed a few different ways to acquire some of the title's AR cards, gamers in Europe have had limited opportunity to build a collection. It seems that Nintendo of Europe were on the case however, as Satoru Shibata today announced a partnership with Panini to sell...

  • News 3DS Gets Pokémon Black & White 2 AR Apps

    Gotta snap 'em all

    Pokémon Black & White 2 is coming to DS, but 3DS owners who want to beef up their experience can do so with the release of two new eShop applications. One is a follow-up to Pokédex 3D, updated with the new moves and information from Black and White 2. In Japan at least, the original Pokédex 3D will be removed from sale,...


  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Events On the Cards

    Gotta collect them all

    Kid Icarus: Uprising lands with six augmented reality cards, but there'll be more than half a dozen available in the grand scheme of things, as Nintendo of America will host events to make new cards available. The official Kid Icarus: Uprising site simply says: Check back on this site soon for info about special Nintendo...



  • News Forget About Cards, Have an Augmented Reality Tattoo

    Some think it's a good idea

    You know those 3DS Augmented Reality T-shirts? Well, it seems someone (probably the not the only one) has taken things further and given himself an AR "card" that he'll have for the rest of his life. Going by the name of cranberryzero (CBZ), this gamer has gotten a forearm tattoo based on one of the 3DS AR...


  • News This Giant Augmented Reality Mii Could Destroy Us All

    Run for it

    The 3DS Augmented Reality (AR) cards are one of the console's coolest features: with just a piece of card and your console you can magic into existence Mario, Samus Aran or a virtual representation of yourself. But cards are small; what happens if you make them bigger? We're not talking A4 size here: we're talking enormous cards, 672cm x...


  • News 3DS Comes with Mario, Pikmin, Kirby, Link and Samus

    In card form, anyway

    Last month we brought you a report on the 3DS's built-in software, in which we played one of the six augmented reality games that will come packaged with the 3DS. Now the machines have begun to make their way out to retailers, unboxing videos and pictures have started to show up online, with UK chain GAME showing off the other...


  • News Play with Augmented Reality with 3DS Pack-In Cards

    Six special cards to enjoy AR

    Whilst PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect press on with augmented reality games, Nintendo has a few tricks up its sleeve as well, bringing the genre to 3DS with six specially created cards to interact with 3DS's built-in software. If you're not sure what augmented reality is, it's a type of gaming that uses a camera to...

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