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  • News Augmented Reality Street Fighter Is As Cool As It Sounds

    Your battleground is the real world!

    Augmented Reality may be old news as far as Nintendo is concerned - the 3DS had it way back in 2011 - but companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple are focused on the next generation of the technology, paving the way for incredible interactive experiences that mix fantasy with reality. With that in mind, we...



  • News Photos With Mario Arrives in Europe With Special eShop Cards

    Get a free app with your credit

    Photos With Mario is an interesting app from Nintendo - it was previously dumped onto the eShop in North America with little fanfare prior to the release of special eShop $10 fund cards which included AR cards. Rather like the default AR cards that come with the 3DS these allow you to bring Nintendo items and...




  • News Detective Conan to Solve the Case With AR Cards on 3DS

    The truth is in the cards

    Chunsoft's upcoming 3DS adventure, Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony, will feature AR cards as a key gameplay component in solving various mysteries. Using the AR cards, a 3D Conan will appear and help the player if given virtual coins (though it's not clear if Play Coins are used or if the game has its own digital...