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  • News Ocarina of Time 3D Advert Features Zelda and Her Father

    Might not be what you were expecting

    As if gamers needed more incentive to make a purchase of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D than our The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D review, perhaps an advert featuring an actress of the same name might help. Let's start off with a bit of trivia: actor Robin Williams named his daughter ― who is...


  • News Nintendo Admits Advertising for 3DS Will be Tricky

    "Do I need these glasses or don't I?!" exclaims hypothetical customer

    It wouldn't be tough to argue that Nintendo's forgotten child, the Virtual Boy, was doomed from the start. Among the myriad factors that contributed to its downfall was the inability to successfully advertise the product, as we detailed in our Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy feature. How do you accurately print screenshots..


  • News Controversial Super Meat Boy Advertisement

    Team Meat attempts to stir up some interest in their upcoming WiiWare title.

    As far as advertising goes, there are several ways to draw attention to your product. You can pay thousands of dollars to an advertising firm to come up with an extremely catchy slogan or jingle that will make your product instantly recognizable to consumers, or you can do...


  • News Wii - TOO Popular?

    According to the BBC, Nintendo UK are considering putting a halt on advertising for Wii this Christmas season, because of its struggle to keep up with demand.

    Nintendo is considering pulling UK television advertising for its popular Wii console in the run up to Christmas because it is battling to meet demand. It said that holding back adverts until 2008 would be a "responsible" move. It..


  • News Wii + Dr. Pepper = £££

    Can you honestly think of anything better than Dr. Pepper and Nintendo Wii? Ok, so it could be Pepsi Max but seriously it's a pretty good combination.

    The Nintendo Wii will be promoted on 182 million packs of Fanta, Sprite and Dr. Pepper thanks to a marketing partnership with soft drink monsters Coca-Cola. The campaign is set to run across TV and other media for around a month and is sure to help..

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