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News: Wii Dominates 2009 Sales

Wii Dominates 2009 Sales

Amazon reveal the bestselling video games products of last year have revealed the best selling products in the field of video games for 2009 and hardcore Mario fans will be pleased to learn that the Nintendo Wii has taken the top spot. 2009 was clearly Nintendo’s year with the Wii taking the top eight positions and nine of the top ten...

News: Wii Impressions- A Year On

Wii Impressions- A Year On

The NintendoLife staff voice their own opinions of the Wii...

For our second article in the Year Of Wii feature, the staff at NintendoLife sit down and have a round-table discussion; debating and discussing each others views... The following is straight from the horses mouth, with no alterations from Mr Editor. Tom: I have to admit that when the Wii was first unveiled I thought Nintendo were in..