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Review: Back To Nature (WiiWare)

Back To Nature (WiiWare)

Back to basics

It’s a well-known fact that Nintendo’s WiiWare service has its limitations. Developers must reportedly cram their games into a paltry 40MB, and the system’s lack of horsepower can no doubt play a considerable role in curbing some game design ideas. Nevertheless, many independent studios have risen to the challenge and we’ve...

News: Retro City Rampage Isn't Headed Down Under

Retro City Rampage Isn't Headed Down Under

"Ratings are expensive and time consuming", says developer

VBlank Entertainment has revealed that the WiiWare version of Retro City Rampage won't be released in Australia. Posting on Twitter, the developer cited the expensive process of age rating approval as the reason for the no-show. The Xbox Live Arcade and PSN versions are also impacted by the...

News: River City Ransom 2 On Hold Indefinitely

River City Ransom 2 On Hold Indefinitely

WiiWare release wasn't worth saving

River City Ransom 2 was announced for WiiWare and PC over a year ago, and was slated for release in 2012. Developer Miracle Kidz, however, has now confirmed via Twitter that this on hold indefinitely; this means it may never see the light of day at all. The developer has said that it will continue to focus on...

Review: Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge (WiiWare)

Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge (WiiWare)

Pain in the bass

It’s been about two years since the last Reel Fishing game was released for WiiWare, and you’d think that that was enough time to figure out how to improve on the formula. Unfortunately, that isn't at all what has happened. Instead, a series of games based on an activity as simple as fishing has somehow managed to sink deeper...

News: Retro City Rampage Trailer is Full of Old-School Cool

Retro City Rampage Trailer is Full of Old-School Cool

Spot the references

Retro City Rampage arrives on PC and PS Vita today, which may draw some envious glances from Wii owners that were promised this title so long ago. The good news is that developer VBlank has already confirmed that the title is rampaging onto WiiWare later this year, so the wait is hopefully not going to be too long. On the plus...

Review: Successfully Learning English: Year 5 (WiiWare)

Successfully Learning English: Year 5 (WiiWare)

One more class, Freddy

Successfully Learning English: Year 5 represents, probably, the end of an edutainment era. Across DSiWare and WiiWare, Freddy the Vampire has appeared in over 20 titles covering a few different subjects in relentless detail for young pupils, all with the same style, structure and bland presentation. The final part of the Wii's...

Review: Drop Zone: Under Fire (WiiWare)

Drop Zone: Under Fire (WiiWare)

Falling with style

One of the coolest things video games can do is let us perform daring, stylish feats we might never attempt in the real world. Drifting around corners at 100mph, snowboarding off the edge of a mountain with reckless bravado, even plucking vegetables from the ground and hurling them at a pink dinosaur — all things we can...

News: Retro City Rampaging To WiiWare Later This Year

Retro City Rampaging To WiiWare Later This Year

We've not been forgotten about

With WiiWare entering the final stages of its life, you might assume that developer support is going to dry up massively. However, we've recently been given one of the best games ever seen on the platform in the shape of La-Mulana. Thankfully, it would appear that it's not going to be WiiWare's final notable release,...

News: Dr. Mario Online Rx Makes Club Nintendo Members Feel Better

Dr. Mario Online Rx Makes Club Nintendo Members Feel Better

Yours for 100 coins

As expected for North American members of Club Nintendo, there's a new title available in exchange for 100 hard earned coins. The latest update has seen Dr. Mario Online Rx on WiiWare added as an incentive until 14th October. This title has been around for well over four years now, and received some warm praise and 7/10 in our...

Nintendo Download: 27th September 2012 (North America)

27th September 2012 (North America)

Denpa men, a Game Boy classic and some Real Bout Newcomers

After the confirmation of Europe's somewhat disappointing selection of Nintendo Download titles, you might be forgiven for expecting the North American update to be similarly lackluster. However, Nintendo has pulled out all the stops to deliver a varied selection of titles - the details of...

News: La-Mulana Stands Atop Download Charts Worldwide

La-Mulana Stands Atop Download Charts Worldwide

Global dominance beckons for WiiWare classic

WiiWare smash hit La-Mulana has taken top spot in the UK, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish and North American WiiWare download charts. The long-awaited 2D adventure - which, as we love to remind you, almost didn't make it to the Wii - was finally released globally last week. In our glowing 10/10...

Review: La-Mulana (WiiWare)

La-Mulana (WiiWare)

WiiWare's last big game?

La Mulana's WiiWare release has been a rocky road. It was first announced by developer Nigoro in 2009 and suffered several delays before finally hitting the service in Japan in 2011. Of course, most were expecting it to be released elsewhere soon after, but that didn't happen. It was eventually cancelled by its old publisher...

Feature: WiiWare Games That Bit the Dust

WiiWare Games That Bit the Dust

And one we may still see

Today La Mulana finally arrives on WiiWare in Europe and North America, bringing an end to a particularly long development saga. Nigoro had already released the title in Japan, but problems apparently related to DLC content led to a number of delays, with original publisher Nicalis eventually pulling the plug on the...

Nintendo Download: 20th September 2012 (North America)

20th September 2012 (North America)

Surfing, retro pockets and the long-awaited La-Mulana!

Roll up, roll up, it's another generous helping of digitally-downloaded goodness from our North American Nintendo Download report! Feast your eyeballs on the following treats and start counting those virtual pennies - there's purchasing to be done. 3DS eShop: Rising Board 3D (odenis studio,...