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News: Mix Superstar Will Be a European Christmas Present

Mix Superstar Will Be a European Christmas Present

US release gets DLC too

WiiWare scratch 'em up Mix Superstar is heading to Europe and Australasia on Christmas Eve for 500 Points, and the next round of downloadable content will release in North America on Saturday. The DLC will feature R'n'B-style samples to help you craft your latest hit, and will set you back 300 Points. You can read our Mix Superstar review to find out why this 500 Point..

Review: Family Games (WiiWare)

Family Games (WiiWare)

Toilet paper edition

A pen and a sheet of paper. Are there any two instruments on the face of the planet more conducive to unrestrained creativity? Think about it. Take a moment to consider all of the things you can do with either one. Think about the worlds that you can sketch out, or write about; think of the games you can play, think about...

Podcast: NLFM Episode 11: A Holiday Season in FLUX

NLFM Episode 11: A Holiday Season in FLUX

Take a sneak peek at the final BIT.TRIP, sigh at simians, sneak along with a secret agent and get into the spirit of the season

We look to the future here at Nintendo Life. Why, take this episode of NLFM, the little ol' chip and game music podcast we've got going: it's got an exclusive first listen of the soundtrack to Gaijin Games' upcoming BIT.TRIP FLUX and goes simultaneously back and forth in..

Nintendo Download: 13th December 2010 (North America)

13th December 2010 (North America)

lilting, shooting, Riding and more

There's a definite musical theme to this week's downloads, with a dubstep racer/puzzler, DSiWare singing, another portable music studio and a violin game (yes, really), as well as plenty of other non-melodic goodies. WiiWare: lilt line (Gaijin Games, 500pts) – It's that rarest of occurrences: an iPhone-to-WiiWare...

Review: Hydroventure (WiiWare)

Hydroventure (WiiWare)

A tidal wave of fun

WiiWare is no stranger to quirky, innovative games, with the platform delivering such wonderful titles as World of Goo, Lost Winds and the BIT.TRIP series. These titles all take full advantage of the Wii Remote, pairing novel gameplay concepts with smooth, accessible motion controls. Yet such stellar releases don't come along all...

News: Help WiiWare Demos Get a Time Extension and Win BIT.TRIP FATE

Help WiiWare Demos Get a Time Extension and Win BIT.TRIP FATE

Do your BIT (updated)

Broken Rules and Gaijin Games have teamed up to offer one generous gamer a free copy of BIT.TRIP FATE. How does one go about earning this prize? By letting other users know how great And Yet It Moves and FATE are. We'll let Broken Rules explain: As you know, both And Yet it Moves and BIT.TRIP FATE have demos available on the Wii Shop Channel for the WiiWare Service. And as..

Review: Sneezies (WiiWare)

Sneezies (WiiWare)

Something to sneeze at

iPhone ports are happening so often these days that they should barely come as a surprise anymore. Sneezies is yet another one of these titles, and like many other games, we can't say the transition has really been all that useful. Sneezies is pretty much yet another arcade-esque highscore game. There are four different game modes, but they pretty much all boil down to the..

News: Nintendo Download - 10th December 2010 (Europe)

Nintendo Download - 10th December 2010 (Europe)

The wait is over, Cave Story is here!

It's been way too long of a wait, but one of WiiWare's greatest games has finally managed to cross over to Europe this week. It's accompanied by a handful of titles for the other services, including yet another VC game. WiiWareCave Story (Nicalis, 1000pts) – Does anything really still need to be said about this game? Regarded as one of the greatest indie..

News: Final List of Indie Games Advent Calendar Titles is a WiiWare Who's Who

Final List of Indie Games Advent Calendar Titles is a WiiWare Who's Who

Who's behind the doors?

Mission in Snowdriftland's list of indie games participants just grew a little bigger, now standing at a sizeable 17 studios bringing exclusive content to the advent calendar. Yesterday Gaijin Games released a BIT.TRIP FLUX teaser image through the advent calendar, so WiiWare and DSiWare fans would be well advised to keep checking what's behind the doors in the coming days..

News: Make What You Will of this BIT.TRIP FLUX Teaser Image

Make What You Will of this BIT.TRIP FLUX Teaser Image

The excitement is building

You could fit the entire known information about BIT.TRIP FLUX onto the head of an 8-bit-styled pin, and Gaijin Games has thrown fans a bone with the release of this teaser image to promote the game. Last month Gaijin released a textual teaser which, when read along with the image, makes things rather clearer. See what you can come up with from the two and stay tuned for..

Review: Soccer Bashi (WiiWare)

Soccer Bashi (WiiWare)

Own goal

Icon Games haven't had a good track record with WiiWare games so far, with poor attempts in the form of Stunt Cars and Arcade Sports. This time around, they've attempted to combine one of the world's biggest sports, football (or soccer), with the classic brick-breaking arcade game Breakout, resulting in Soccer Bashi. So is this third time the charm? Disappointingly, it's not even close..

News: Frobot Funks Up WiiWare on December 20th

Frobot Funks Up WiiWare on December 20th

1000 Points of smooth funk

Who's the shiny metal dude who makes all the ladies scream? Frobot! You're damn right. He's also coming to WiiWare on December 20th after a long period of polishing, priced at 1,000 Nintendo Points. We played it back in April and since then Fugazo has been hard at work making important tweaks and changes that should hopefully make Frobot worth the wait. Check out the new..

Review: Fireplacing (WiiWare)

Fireplacing (WiiWare)


At last, the do-nothing, poorly-constructed, mindless fireplace simulator of your dreams has come to WiiWare. The only explanation: we've all been very bad boys and girls this year, and Santa's relying on digital download services to distribute his coal. Let's face facts: if you're reading this review, you already know full well whether...

Nintendo Download: 6th December 2010 (North America)

6th December 2010 (North America)

Water, fire and much, much more

Never let it be said that the Nintendo Download lacks variety. On the same day that Nintendo launches new water-based puzzle game Fluidity, Korner Entertainment conquers completely the opposite end of the scale with virtual fireplace simulator Fireplacing. DSiWare is equally varied, with portable music studio Rytmik:...

News: It's Ice to See this New Fluidity Trailer

It's Ice to See this New Fluidity Trailer

Snow more puns, we promise

Fluidity wets WiiWare's appetite today, so there's no better time to show off this new trailer from Nintendo revealing more about the multiple forms you'll be able to use in the game. That's right: it's not just liquid entertainment, you're able to change states between ice, water and steam to conquer the game's puzzles...

News: Fireplacing Gets WiiWare Hot, Hot, Hot from Tomorrow

Fireplacing Gets WiiWare Hot, Hot, Hot from Tomorrow

Burn notice

My Aquarium regularly floats around the top of the WiiWare download charts, but if you'd rather turn your TV into something a little warmer then your luck is about to come in. Fireplacing – which we suspect isn't a real word – sets WiiWare alight tomorrow for 500 Points. It is, as you may expect, a virtual fireplace without the...

News: lilt line Dubsteps to WiiWare on December 13th

lilt line Dubsteps to WiiWare on December 13th

Lower case title important

Gaijin Games' lilt line is almost ready for a WiiWare release, with the company just having announced a date of December 13th for the unique musical experience. Your mission is to guide a line of light through a series of tunnels to a catchy dubstep soundtrack, but only those with superb Wii Remote skills and excellent rhythm will be able to master the game's tricky..

Review: HB Arcade Disc Golf (WiiWare)

HB Arcade Disc Golf (WiiWare)

A discontenting discappointment

The sport of "disc golf" (so named here to subtract the more well known trademark, “Frisbee”) is perhaps played more often on the Wii than in real life. Even so, the sport itself is an obvious good fit for Wii owners as the entire sport essentially boils down to players standing in place and taking turns swinging their arm. Past iterations include a..

Review: Airport Mania: First Flight (WiiWare)

Airport Mania: First Flight (WiiWare)

First class, or terminal illness?

Air travel is well known for many things: overbooking, lost luggage, expensive food, cramped quarters and, most recently, a choice between having your crotch grabbed or letting airport security take naked pictures of you. It's not really the sort of experience that you'd expect to lend itself to a positive gaming...