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News: Reggie: We're Not Interested in "Garage Developers"

Reggie: We're Not Interested in "Garage Developers"

Only wants proper indies, thanks

Whether or not Nintendo has nothing to fear from mobile games, or whether Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's comments about low value games were accurate, the debate about Nintendo's relationship with small game developers is ripe for analysis. What's the company's official stance the matter, though? Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime clarified in an..

Review: Successfully Learning Mathematics: Year 3 (WiiWare)

Successfully Learning Mathematics: Year 3 (WiiWare)

The numbers game

It's now year 3, and Successfully Learning Mathematics to offer more maths-related madness with Freddy the Vampire. Previous games saw a competent mix of maths puzzles for the younger generation, with some bonus games thrown in. Year 3, for better or for worse, changes little in updating the series. Freddy the Vampire, an avatar with what will be an insanely irritating voice to..

News: Fresh Bobby Carrot Forever Trailer and Details for You to Digest

Fresh Bobby Carrot Forever Trailer and Details for You to Digest

Hare raising

WiiWare adventure Bobby Carrot Forever is coming along at a fair old clip now, having spent a few years in the WiiWare wilderness. The latest updates comes in the form of a new trailer and confirmed gameplay details too. Apparently the game will offer 15 hours of gameplay across more than 70 levels, with further levels to be made available via downloadable content, it sounds like you..

Nintendo Download: 18th March 2011 (Europe)

18th March 2011 (Europe)

Take on Final Fantasy III

As we revealed recently, SquareEnix is backing Virtual Console with a pair of classic RPGs, kicking off this week with the one and only Final Fantasy III, also known as Final Fantasy VI. Virtual ConsoleFinal Fantasy III (Super NES, 900pts) — This is an excellent chance for Wii owners in Europe to play Square's well-regarded RPG, which was never

Review: Liight (WiiWare)

Liight (WiiWare)

Iit's veery goood!

Announced as it was all the way back in 2008, gamers can be forgiven for suspecting that Liight might, like so much vapourware before it, never have graced our Wii consoles. But this week, the long-awaited and oft-discussed game finally got its chance to shine. The good news is that the extended development time actually seemed...

Review: Heavy Fire: Black Arms (WiiWare)

Heavy Fire: Black Arms (WiiWare)

Kill 'em all

Remember Heavy Fire: Special Operations, that on-rails military shooter that was kind of not good at all? Well, it got a sequel. Don't ask us how, but somehow it convinced enough people to plunk down their cash to be worth another go for developer Teyon. While it does delight us to say that there have indeed been a few tweaks for the better in Heavy Fire: Black Arms, the game still..

Nintendo Download: 14th March 2011 (North America)

14th March 2011 (North America)

They're coming!

It seems North America is getting quite the variety of download releases this week, although the Virtual Console is taking a vacation. The mulltiformat smash hit Plants vs. Zombies finally arrives on DSiWare and the extremely long-awaited WiiWare puzzler Liight has finally made its way to a release. There's also yet another WiiWare demo for gamers to try out, rounding out a rather..

Nintendo Download: 11th March 2011 (Europe)

11th March 2011 (Europe)

Here comes the Lilt man... LILT!

It's Friday again, and as usual there is a veritable smorgasborg of downloadable goodies for you to consider including Gaijin Games' lilt line on WiiWare. There are no Virtual Console games this week, but you can look forward to Final Fantasy III next week. Oh yus! WiiWarelilt line (Gaijin Games, 500pts) — Somewhat similar to the BIT.TRIP series, this is another..

Review: Successfully Learning Mathematics: Year 2 (WiiWare)

Successfully Learning Mathematics: Year 2 (WiiWare)

Do the math

For many years, even before the heady days of Mario is Missing, gaming has given something back to the community in the form of educational titles. Whilst rarely excellent in the traditional entertainment sense, they aim to integrate fun challenges with learning, thus creating the edutainment sub-genre. Successfully Learning Mathematics: Year 2 leans far more toward the educational side..

News: BIT.TRIP FLUX Soundtrack Available to Download Now

BIT.TRIP FLUX Soundtrack Available to Download Now

$5.99 for music to go

Now that WiiWare has bid a teary-eyed farewell to the BIT.TRIP series with BIT.TRIP FLUX it's the perfect time to sit in the dark, on your own, and cry to some of the finest music to have graced WiiWare. The soundtrack for BIT.TRIP FLUX is now available to download from CD Baby, as a 10-track album for $5.99. Not only that, each previous BIT.TRIP game has a soundtrack to..

Nintendo Download: 7th March 2011 (North America)

7th March 2011 (North America)

Bomberman Hero!

It's a right royal knees-up on the Nintendo Download front this week, with everything from third-party N64 games to a double helping of Series games — one from G.G and one from GO — and much more. Hold onto your hats! Virtual ConsoleBomberman Hero (Hudson Soft, N64, 1000pts) — A single-player Bomberman game, this one splits opinion right down the middle, but now it's available..

Features: The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 3

The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 3

In this installment, Gaijin explains their carefully laid plan for game four's runaway popularity, go through BIT.TRIP hell and reflect on the end of the series.

Be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 of our look at the history of BIT.TRIP and Gaijin Games. EYEBALL REVOLUTION: The team somewhat jokingly chalks RUNNER’s popularity, apart from being very...

Features: The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 2

The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 2

In this installment, Gaijin struggles to find the fun in CORE and crafts what they feel to be a beautiful game in VOID.

Be sure to read part 1 of our history of BIT.TRIP. ON THE MAPLuckily for Gaijin, BEAT was a success; had the game tanked then the series would’ve likely gone ahead as planned, but it ensured them that they were on the right track. “There was talk of whether should we cut it to..

News: High Voltage Cancels Animales de la Muerte for WiiWare

High Voltage Cancels Animales de la Muerte for WiiWare

Another casualty

WiiWare has had a rough time of it these past few months: Super Meat Boy was canned in November, then last week it lost Bloktonik, and now High Voltage's Animales de la Muerte has been cancelled for WiiWare. The game was originally announced back in 2008 as a Wii-exclusive, with its gameplay focusing on shooting undead animals, but now the game will only see release on PC,..

Nintendo Download: 4th March 2011 (Europe)

4th March 2011 (Europe)

Holding out for a Hero?

It's an auspicious day in Virtual Console history, as the service receives only its second third-party N64 game in the West, after Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber. It's certainly the highlight of what is otherwise a rather underwhelming download this week. Virtual ConsoleBomberman Hero (Hudson Soft, N64, 1000pts) — This single-player bomber outing divides players..

News: WiiWare Comes Under Heavy Fire: Black Arms on Monday

WiiWare Comes Under Heavy Fire: Black Arms on Monday

Jungle fever

Monday's Nintendo Download will arrive amid a storm of bullets as Polish developer Teyon has revealed its next title Heavy Fire: Black Arms will land on the service next week. The successor to shoot 'em up Heavy Fire: Special Operations, Black Arms takes the fight out of the desert and into the jungle. There's a launch trailer below which might convince you to part with your 500..

Review: Arcade Essentials (WiiWare)

Arcade Essentials (WiiWare)

We’re gaming like it’s 1979

Before the modern era of electronic entertainment, a major venue for any gamer was the local arcade. These establishments were noisy fun factories featuring enough flashing lights to cause fits, homes to huge game machines that were simple and addictive – the perfect combination for separating you from your pocket change. While these are still around in a more..

News: Nintendo Names Cynthia Gordon New Corporate Affairs VP

Nintendo Names Cynthia Gordon New Corporate Affairs VP

Denise Kaigler's replacement commences next month

As Nintendo's range of hardware expands, so too does its family of employees. The company has announced the hiring of Cynthia Gordon, a strategic communications professional with over two decades of consumer-brand experience, as Nintendo of America's Vice President of Corporate Affairs. Gordon will officially start her new role on 14 March,..

News: Liight Finally Shines on WiiWare on 14th March

Liight Finally Shines on WiiWare on 14th March

Just 500 Points

It's been a long time coming, but WiiWare puzzle game Liight is finally coming to WiiWare on 14th March for 500 Points. We first heard of the game way back in September 2008, after which we interviewed Studio Walljump, but now years later the colour-matching game is on the way to WiiWare. You can read our Liight First Impressions from June 2010 to get