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Feature: Staff Memories of the Wii Launch

Staff Memories of the Wii Launch

Being part of the Revolution

As E3 2012 and a Wii U bonanza looms ever closer, we're currently in the middle of a series of features that explore previous Nintendo console launches. We've already written about the magic of console launches, while editor James Newton was joined by Joe Walker in our most recent podcast, When We Were Excited About...

News: Europe Snaps Up 325,000 Wiis In Just 2 Days

Europe Snaps Up 325,000 Wiis In Just 2 Days

Nintendo boast about their highly successful product launch across Europe.

It's going to be a good Christmas period for Nintendo, possibly their best for over a decade. Wii has sold extremely strongly in all regions with many more people still trying to get their hands on a console. Even the PR writers have lost it and start using Wii-puns. 'Tis the season to be jolly. "Wii made its highly..

News: UK Wii Sells 50,000 In 12 Hours

UK Wii Sells 50,000 In 12 Hours

Just in case you haven't heard already, Wii sold out very very quickly.

Sorry, I'm playing news catch up today (yes, It's been one of those weeks) most of you will already know, but the Wii sold a whopping 50,000 units in the first 12 hours of launch, impressive. "Within just 12 hours of going on sale, the much anticipated launch of the Nintendo Wii console has reached new heights of success..

News: Amazon.co.uk Get More Wiis

Amazon.co.uk Get More Wiis

The mammoth UK retailer has announced more Wii consoles will go on sale at 3pm today.

Some of you unlucky gamers that still haven't got a Wii have just been given another chance to snap one up, the email went out about half an hour ago with the consoles going on sale in just over an hour. "Dear Nintendo fan, Great news! We've managed to get our hands on some more Wii consoles and will be..

Your View: Wii Sports

Wii Sports

Bundled with the console, everyone should have an opinion on this one.

Wii finally launches and everyone should of booted up Wii Sports by now. Which does it best for you, Tennis? Boxing? Bowling? Golf? Baseball? Have you tried Wii Fitness? Are you classed as an old man (ReInstall) or a fit athelete (pHaT-aNt_)? Tell us about your experience with Wii Sports, what you think so far?

News: Wii Launch, London

Wii Launch, London

England awakens to a Wii winter wonderland, the Wii is out, the Wii is out. Do you have yours?

Hundreds of people turned out on a bitterly cold London night to witness the birth of Wii into the UK. Gamers were treated to the "talents" of Ian Wright, Ricky Hatton and Nell McAndrew. New York had the Wii Segway, London had the Wii bus, a classic London bus painted in white with the familiar Wii logo..

News: Wii Excels In The US

Wii Excels In The US

Zelda reaches sales of 410,000 copies in the US, 87% of Wii owners snapping it up on launch day.

Nintendo announce the sales figures for the first 8 days of Wii in the US, selling 600,000 with a total of 1,000,000 to be available by the end of 2006. "In only the first seven days of availability after its Nov. 19 launch, Wii sold nearly half a million systems in the United States alone (as..

News: Your Wii Check List

Your Wii Check List

The countdown is almost over, you have only 24 hours to prepare to Wii.

If you've not already pre-ordered your console, you could be in for a tough fight to get your hands on a Wii for launch day. If your in London maybe you should head down to the official launch at HMV as they should have a huge pile of Wii's. Otherwise you might find yourself buying an overpriced one on eBay. Know Your..

News: Queues Form In Oxford Street London

Queues Form In Oxford Street London

Nintendo fans flock to a rainy London HMV store in anticipation of tonight's midnight launch of Wii.

If your reading this, your probably not already at the HMV store, queues are already starting to swell and its likely your already too late to get a console. "Excited shoppers are already forming queues outside shops across the country to ensure they are among the first to own Nintendo’s..

News: Best Of Gamecube

Best Of Gamecube

As we count down to the release of Wii, we look back at our favourite moments on Gamecube

The Gamecube has been some what of a mixed bag, it's provided us with some classic moments but maybe its let us down, once more, with third party titles. It's pretty safe to say its done better than the Nintendo 64. We expect alot of our readers to be new to...

News: Wii Say: Konnichiwa Japan!

Wii Say: Konnichiwa Japan!

Nintendo's homeland, the land of the future finally gets to play Wii and boy are they excited.

Japan is somewhat of an oddball market, fans are very loyal for long periods of time but then suddenly switch allegiance. Nintendo have been on the cold side the past 5 years, Gamecube did okay, but the PS2 reigned supreme throughout its life. But today, Nintendo at least, hope that things have changed..

News: HMV Chosen As Partner For Wii Launch

HMV Chosen As Partner For Wii Launch

Launch event to take place at midnight in HMV, Oxford Street with some random celebrities to boot.

Nintendo UK has today announced it will officially partner with HMV when it launches its new console, Wii, at midnight on 7th/8th December 2006. "The action kicks off from 11pm at HMV, 150 Oxford Street, London with the chance for everyone to come down and play launch game Wii Sports against top..

News: Wii Success

Wii Success

If we didn't already know, Nintendo made it official, Wii's launch is a success state side.

It's been almost 10 days since the Wii launched on November 19th, everyone's first indications are good and the launch has been deemed a success. With Nintendo selling a Wii almost 1 per second since launch, Reggie proclaims "Including just first-party software and accessory sales, Wii instantly has become a..

News: London GAME Midnight Launch

London GAME Midnight Launch

Get your Wii from the first possible second at Oxford Street

The Oxford Street branch of the GAME store will be opening their doors at midnight on Thursday 7th December. GAME Stores Group Ltd, Europe's leading video games retailer, have confirmed that they will be opening their flagship Oxford Street store at midnight on Thursday 7th December 2006 to sell the very first units of the highly..

News: Famitsu Wii Scores

Famitsu Wii Scores

Just in-case you missed them, the infamous Japanese magazine scores on the Wii, we'll remind you.

Whenever it comes to Japanese gaming media, there is only one magazine that's important, that is of course Famitsu. Although I'm alittle late posting these, they still might prove interesting to someone. "Famitsu is known worldwide for its extremely harsh grading of current videogames. Video games..

News: My First Day Of Wii

My First Day Of Wii

It's finally here, the Wii has arrived in the UK and its time to play.

The sun rose over a cold and bitter English morning, it was like any other normal day, except today the Wii would finally be in my hands. 7.00am - I wake to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, usually it gets a beating but today I was nice, it was time to get up (unusually early for me) as I had an appointment in Leicester at..

News: Amazon.co.uk Wii Preorder Sells Out In 2 Minutes

Amazon.co.uk Wii Preorder Sells Out In 2 Minutes

Amazon.co.uk finally allowed pre-orders for the Wii console this morning, however huge demand means they were gone within 2 mins.

If you'd hadn't already secured your pre-order with a local retailer, online was the next best choice. Amazon recently announced that they would be taking pre-orders on its website from 9am Tue 21st of Nov, today. Although 40 minutes later than scheduled, the online..

News: The Wii Is Out There

The Wii Is Out There

Nintendo's console finally gets unleashed into the homes of a million Americans.

One of the biggest console launches ever has now completed its first leg, the Wii console is out and the majority of American readers will probably already have one, sadly us Europeans and Australians will have to wait alittle while longer. Reggie did Nintendo proud at the New York launch event, he even managed to sign..

News: Wii Launch USA

Wii Launch USA

America prepares for the launch of Nintendo's new console, the wait is finally over.

The Wii train is approaching the station, finally the mass market will be able to get their hands on the Wii console and we'll all know first hand, if Nintendo's gamble has paid off. What's all the fuss about? "The most important advance for video games in the last 10 years was the introduction of Super Mario..

News: Trauma Center Hits Stores

Trauma Center Hits Stores

News breaks as the first Wii games start appearing in US stores.

For some unknown reason there are always games instore before the actual console due to launch, maybe its marketing, maybe there is no reason, either way, Atlus's Trauma Center: Second Opinion is now available in stores across America. "This news may cause dizziness and weak knees for gamers of all ages! If the uncontrollable..