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Nintendo Download: 25th June (North America)

25th June (North America)

Star Fox and Mario & Luigi DS games! Art Academy! Shiftlings! More!

It's Nintendo Download Update day, and as usual we now have the North American details. It's a busy line-up with three interesting Wii U eShop titles, two popular franchises on the Virtual Console, some discounts and another hefty batch of DSiWare. Yep... DSiWare. So, let's get to...

Nintendo Download: 18th June (North America)

18th June (North America)

Classic Fire Emblem! Weird Smash 3DS controller thing! Discounts! More!

Some things don't even change in E3 week, whether it be the underwear of those of us watching everything unfold over three days or the arrival of the Nintendo Download Update. This week's North American update has a treat for Fire Emblem fans, some new eShop-only releases,...

News: The First Mother Game Is Finally Coming To The West As EarthBound Beginnings

The First Mother Game Is Finally Coming To The West As EarthBound Beginnings

1989 NES prequel gets localised at last

The very first title in the critically-acclaimed Mother series is finally coming to the West. EarthBound Beginnings is the new name for this Western release of the 1989 NES/Famicom prequel to the SNES title EarthBound, which was known as Mother 2 in Japan. This is the first time that the game has ever been...

Nintendo Download: 11th June (North America)

11th June (North America)

LEGO Jurassic Park x2, more Harvest Moon, Dr. Mario and much more

It's the final North American Nintendo Download Update before the E3 shenanigans in LA, and there's a diverse range of options. We have the first GBA Harvest Moon, two versions of LEGO Jurassic World, the return of Dr. Mario, some quirky eShop offerings and four DSiWare games. Let's...

Nintendo Download: 4th June (North America)

4th June (North America)

Pip, Cube Life, AVGN on 3DS, Lord of Magna, DSiWare rebirth and more

It's that time again, North America, for the latest Nintendo Download Update details, and this week is varied and a tad bizarre. We have an eagerly anticipated eShop platformer, a world-building title aiming to bring a bit of Minecraft-style glamour to the home console, while the...

Nintendo Download: 28th May (North America)

28th May (North America)

Splatoon, Double Mega Man, Don't Starve, Nicalis discounts and more

The information has come through a little later than normal, but we now have the full Nintendo Download Update run-down for North America. There's a big-name retail arrival on Wii U that's been inked in for some time, a critically acclaimed indie release, two doses of classic Mega...

Nintendo Download: 28th May (Europe)

28th May (Europe)

Splatoon, Fossil Fighters, Strangeness, an imported retro treat and more

Much later than normal due to a public Holiday, we finally have this week's Nintendo Download Update details for Europe. There's a hotly anticipated Wii U retail exclusive, of course, while there's also a retail arrival on 3DS. Wii U owners have more options with an intriguing...

Nintendo Download: 21st May (North America)

21st May (North America)

Swords & Soldiers II, classic Mega Man, Puzzle & Dragons and much more

It's that time again, slightly later than normal, for the North American Download Update details. This week brings a range of new options on Wii U, a number of which are exclusives, along with a 3DS retail release, the latest from CIRCLE Entertainment and a whole load of...

Nintendo Download: 21st May (Europe)

21st May (Europe)

Swords & Soldiers II, yarn Kirby, Paper Mario, Curve Digital sale and more

It's time for another Monday morning to be brightened up by upcoming download delights, and this week's European Nintendo Download Update has some promising choices. On the Wii U we have an exclusive from Ronimo Games, a soft and cuddly Good-Feel game and a classic N64 title,...

Nintendo Download: 7th May (North America)

7th May (North America)

Splatoon demo-ish, strangeness, retro Mega Man, Atlus goodness and more

After a delay while the Splatoon Direct festivities were completed, we now have the download update details for North America. There's a much-hoped for demo (sort of), classic Mega Man, platformers on the 3DS, a whole load of discounts, DLC and a particularly quirky Indie...

Nintendo Download: 30th April (North America)

30th April (North America)

Paper Mario, amiibo tapping, mech blasting, pinball DLC and more

It's that time again, North American gamers, for details on the fresh download treats making their way to the eShop. This week brings an amiibo freebie, a Nintendo 64 classic, DLC, demos, discounts and more besides. It's certainly a diverse and quirky line-up this time around, so let's...

News: Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away From SNES on Wii U Virtual Console

Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away From SNES on Wii U Virtual Console

Explains how games are selected for the Virtual Console

Natsume is a publisher and developer that pops up relatively regularly on the current day Virtual Console, certainly more so than some other names that were common on the Wii but have appeared less on the Wii U and 3DS. As such it's a company with some useful insight into how the platform...

Nintendo Download: 23rd April (North America)

23rd April (North America)

Mario Kart 8 DLC, DS karting, Mewtwo, 3D cube creation and more

Happy Mario Kart Day, Nintendo gamers! The usual download update details are out a little later than normal for North America and, unsurprisingly, the Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 has a prominent place in the listing. It's not the only fresh arrival, though, we also have more Mario Kart of...

Nintendo Download: 23rd April (Europe)

23rd April (Europe)

Double Mario Kart delight, Kirby week, discounts and more

A day later than is custom, we finally have the European Nintendo Download Update details to pore over. It's a week with one particularly notable DLC pack on Wii U to be excited about, along with some Virtual Console offerings, a special Kirby-themed promotion ahead of the arrival of Kirby...