Wii Launch News

News: THQ Set For Launch

THQ Set For Launch

Four titles from THQ will be available on day one of Wii, Avatar, Barnyard, Cars and Spongebob.

Okay, so they're probably not the kinda games we'll be buying, but THQ have offered some decent titles for the younger market. Anyway, here's the low-down on all four games that'll be available at launch. Avatar: The Last Airbender: "Based on one of Nickelodeon's hottest TV shows, the Avatar: The..

News: Latest Wii Date & Price Rumours

Latest Wii Date & Price Rumours

IGN & SPOnG both publish articles suggesting release date of Nov 2nd or Nov 12th for $229

It's been a little while since someone said they knew the Wii date & price. It seems sources have told IGN that the elusive date will be either November 2nd or November 12th - possibly depending on region. "A number of big-name publishers are set to release their Wii games in mid-to-late October,..

News: The Ubisoft 7: Details

The Ubisoft 7: Details

French publisher Ubisoft talk about their big 7, all launch titles for Nintendo's Wii console.

Details emerge about the big 7, even NoA's very own Reggie had something to say about it. "We're thrilled that Ubisoft will be unveiling Wii versions of both exclusive new IP and established franchises," said Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer for Nintendo of America..

News: Ubisoft Confirms 7 Launch Titles For Wii

Ubisoft Confirms 7 Launch Titles For Wii

French publisher lays its cards on the table, 7 titles to be released on or around the Wii launch date.

Nintendo will be pleased with an impressive amount of support from Ubisoft for its Wii console. The following titles have been named by the publisher: Red Steel Rayman Raving Rabbids Open Season Far Cry Blazing Angels: Squadron of WWII Monster 4x4 World Circuit GT Pro Series Obviously the big..

News: Nintendo React To Wii Launch Rumours

Nintendo React To Wii Launch Rumours

After numerous sites start suggesting release dates left right and center, Nintendo put out an official response.

Gamers who keep their ears to the ground would of seen the stink of rumours over the past week regarding the Wii launch date, even Sports Illustrated for Kids has been quoted as having the official release date. It seems Nintendo do indeed keep an eye on the rumour fires, and for once..

News: Wii Under £150?

Wii Under £150?

Nintendo UK confirm that the UK retail price for Wii will be "in-line" with the US and Japanese prices.

Nintendo UK have spoken about the UK retail price, well not officially or anything, but to EuroGamer. Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the Wii will cost ¥25,000 or less and $250 or less when it goes on sale later this year - the equivalent of around £120 and £135. A spokesperson has since..

News: Wii Will Launch Under $250

Wii Will Launch Under $250

Nintendo throw a statement out into the open with an estimated Wii price and how many units will be available.

Today, Nintendo announce a statement containing some information about the Wii retail price and how many units they expect to be available. Following its overwhelming debut at E3 2006, Nintendo today announced the current fiscal year unit shipment forecast for its new home game system,..

News: Wii Retail Package Details

Wii Retail Package Details

Covering E3 have unearthed some details when chatting to Nintendo employees at this years E3

Chris over at Covering E3 has posted an article confirming some details about the Wii console and what will be included at launch, heres an overview of his findings. Retail Wii will ship with a Wii console, Wii Remote & Nunchuk and no games. The classic controller won't be included and sold..

News: Mario To Miss Out On Wii Launch

Mario To Miss Out On Wii Launch

Nintendo bigwig Shigeru Miyamoto has said Mario will only launch roughly six months after Wii launch

Reported from an after hours press event, IGN.com have quoted the legendary Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, saying that the next Mario installment, Super Mario Galaxy, will not be available at launch. " is progressing along quite well, but it's often said that when I get involved in a project..

News: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Details

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Details

IGN report further details about the new Metroid Prime game, now set to debut as a Wii launch title

Earlier today IGN.com reported information about the recently announce Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The Retro Studios developed game is set to become the first Metroid Prime launch title and will be available along side The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess on day 1 of Wii. After talking to Retro..

News: Twilight Princess For Gamecube & Wii Launch Title

Twilight Princess For Gamecube & Wii Launch Title

Nintendo announce that there will be 2 versions of Twilight Princess, both releasing on the same day as the Wii console.

Today at Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference, Reggie announced that the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will come in 2 versions, one for Gamecube and one for Nintendo Wii. "It is by far the best Zelda game we've ever made" boasts Reggie, "This is the..

News: 20 Revolution Launch Titles?

20 Revolution Launch Titles?

George Harrison tells Game Informer we should expect around 20 launch titles for Nintendo Revolution

Curious George Harrison recently sat down with US magazine Game Informer, who quizzed him about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution. Harrison suggested we should expect around 20 launch titles for Revolution. "You've got to deliver software, not just at launch, but you've got to deliver software..

News: Sadness For Revolution

Sadness For Revolution

IGN report on another Revolution title, Sadness, a dark and gothic horror from Polish outfit Nibris.

Another unexpected title for Nintendo Revolution is "Sadness", set to be a gothic horror title in a pre-war noir style. Announced today by Polish develop Nibris, Sadness will be screened in good old fashioned Black & White. "Such a gutsy choice is just the beginning for Nibris. Rather than..

News: Red Steel Announced For Revolution

Red Steel Announced For Revolution

Ubisoft officially announce Red Steel, a first person shooter launch title for Nintendo Revolution.

Ubisoft have announced their offering for the Revolution launch with "Red Steel", a first person shooter than it set to show off the unique freestyle controller only available on Revolution. Red Steel is set in modern-day Japan. Players will master both the ancient art of the katana and the..

News: Revolution Name Will Definitely Change

Revolution Name Will Definitely Change

In an interview with Beth Llewelyn, the Nintendo senior director of public relations states Revolution name will change.

Like any other week, there has been countless rumours about the name of Nintendo next console, we've even seen shots of a "Nintendo Go" logo floating around, which didn't seem to go anywhere. However, in an interview with IGN.com, Beth Llewelyn, Nintendo of America's senior..