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News: Wii Prepares For Launch

Wii Prepares For Launch

Nintendo state that its production facility in North Bend is working around the clock to get shipments ready.

Along with the news, Nintendo have issued us with some photos from inside the warehouse, just to make us drool even more. There's a pretty snazy shot taken of copies of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess making their way down a conveyor belt at the production facility in North Bend,..

News: Reggie Talks To CNET

Reggie Talks To CNET

Web giant CNET sits down with Reggie and asks him about the Wii, will we all get one?

The Nintendo Of US and A President, Reggie, was quizzed by CNET's Rich DeMuro. The interview was recorded and thrown online for us all to see. Reggie looked as calm as ever, but completely deflected the whole "one more secret" rumour that'd currently been buzzing around the Internet. I probably believe him,..

News: Importing Wii Guide

Importing Wii Guide

Tired of Europe getting games last? Considered importing? Here's everything you need to know..

I'm sure you've all heard the story, Europe always gets treated the worst in the games industry. It's the last region to get the games. Companies such as Nintendo often release a game first in the US or Japan, then three to six months later when they've all finished playing it they decide to release the..

News: Introducing Wii

Introducing Wii

Load your guns and sharpen your knives, 'cause the war is coming. We are anticipating one of the greatest struggles known to men, as the three champions are getting ready. This is the console war, it's going to be bloody, it's going to be dirty, and the future of the game industry is depending on this.

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But it is indeed a spectacular year we have ahead of us,..

News: 30 Days Of Wii

30 Days Of Wii

NintendoLife.com celebrates the Wii countdown with 30 days of Wii, heaps of Previews, Articles and Reviews on the way.

The staff over at NintendoLife.com really can't wait for Wii to come out, we're quite literally sitting on our hands right now. We've decided to mark the occasion with a special 30 days of articles leading upto the European launch. We'll be posting a different..

News: Brazilian Wii To Cost Over $1,100

Brazilian Wii To Cost Over $1,100

Seems our South American buddies will get heavily bitten by import costs when the console comes out later this month.

According to a Brazilian gaming website, the Wii will be available from certain stores who are legally importing the product through "official Nintendo channels". The stores will be charging R$2,399 which translates to around $1,124 or £590! It seems the excessive import costs and..

News: New Rayman Gameplay Footage

New Rayman Gameplay Footage

Ubisoft release some new footage of their upcoming Wii launch title, Rayman Raving Rabbits.

The neat little video package was released this afternoon along with a selection of screenshots. For the first time we get abit more of an idea of what the actual gameplay will be like. Just in case you didn't know, this is what its meant to be about: "This new Rayman game features the funniest,..

News: Japanese Cover Artwork

Japanese Cover Artwork

More Wii cover artwork slips out of Japan and onto the Internet.

These boxes have been posted on Flickr over the past few days, its always interesting to see different cover art in Japan. I'm not totally sure why the market would be so different over there... but anyway, some suitable differences, check them out. The Zelda box is obviously quite different, they've still got the whole light/dark..

News: Nintendo World 2006

Nintendo World 2006

Last week saw the 2006 Nintendo World event in Japan, lots of new footage and games for us to get excited about.

The event held in Nagoya, Japan gave the opportunity to 100s of gamers to get physical with Wii, shortly after the event IGN managed to scramble back to their computers and threw some videos online for everyone to enjoy. GoNintendo also managed to acquire a large batch of photos. Launch..

News: UK Wii Campaign Trail

UK Wii Campaign Trail

Nintendo UK unveils Its largest ever sampling campaign for launch of New Wii console

Nintendo UK, begin a two month campaign which begins 10 November 2006 until 13 January 2007 and takes in over 60 locations and events across the UK and Ireland to get the console into the hands of one million people by launch. "Just as sampling and getting the hardware into people’s hands was so important..

News: Wii Reaches South Park

Wii Reaches South Park

The infamous Nintendo creation is to appear in a episode of cult tv show, South Park.

The creators of South Park are always in the news for some reason or another, only a week or so ago they were barraged for showing Steve Irwin in one of their episodes. It seems that Nintendo's latest Wii console has also been featured in the hit cartoon. This weeks episode sees Cartman desperately awaiting the..

News: Two New Zelda Trailers

Two New Zelda Trailers

Nintendo UK showcase some new trailers for the upcoming Zelda game out in Nov in the US and Dec in the UK.

In this weeks Nintendo UK newsletter, a simple title of "The Legend Returns..." should be enough to wet your appaite. Clicking through to the UK Wii.com website, you are rewarded with two stunning videos showcasing the upcoming Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Both videos..

News: 62 Games For Wii Launch

62 Games For Wii Launch

Wii's game library is already growing strong thanks to great third party support and the Virtual Console.

Here's a copy of todays Press Release, direct from Nintendo.com: Within the first five weeks of launch, Wii™ owners can pick from up to 62 games, representing the most diverse, and most exciting, console video game library available. Licensees and developers have lined up to support the Wii..

News: Wii Demand Grows

Wii Demand Grows

Reggie expects a Wii success as we draw closer to the US launch in just over two weeks.

Nintendo is mobilizing the largest worldwide video game console launch in at least a decade, with approximately 4 million Wii™ systems available globally during the six weeks between Wii's Nov. 19 launch in the Americas and the end of 2006. "Although the largest share of that worldwide allotment will go..

News: More Wii Cover Artwork

More Wii Cover Artwork

Some more high quality game artwork has appeared on the internet.

Browsing around the internet more and more Wii covers are popping up, even some have been posted on flickr, by a member named "creamsugar". Anyway, game cover artwork excites me, so lets get down to business:..

News: UK Get Wii Component Cables In Stores

UK Get Wii Component Cables In Stores

Nintendo UK today confirm that all Wii accessories will be available through the normal retail outlets.

EuroGamer recieve confirmation from Nintendo UK regarding the sale of Wii accessories, and most importantly the EDTV Component cable. "Earlier this week, IGN reported that American gamers would be forced to buy their US$ 29.99 component cables off the Internet, through Nintendo's store, Best..

News: Wii Wheel Available As Standalone

Wii Wheel Available As Standalone

Ubisoft's Wii Wheel attachment will be both bundled with GT Pro Series, Monster 4X4 and sold separately

If you missed the news earlier in the month, Ubisoft unveiled a "Wii Wheel" attachment that'll be bundled with its driving games. Essentially the wheel is a shell for your Wii Mote which allows you to hold and turn it more like a steering wheel. However Ubisoft have now confirmed to Gamespot that..

News: Wii Marketing In Full Swing

Wii Marketing In Full Swing

With only a month until the US launch, Nintendo are starting to push the Wii brand across the globe.

Flickr member "branille" recently posted a photograph of Nintendo's impressive advert in Time Square's Toys R Us store in New York. Nintendo have also announced a aggressive marketing campaign in Europe, a region which is somewhat neglected by the games industry as a whole. The company is set to..

News: Wii Component Cables To Be Sold Online

Wii Component Cables To Be Sold Online

Kotaku report that 480p compatible component cables for Wii will only be available online.

For the growing number of Nintendoers that have HD Ready displays, we've been waiting for news on availability of component cables for Wii. These are the AV cables capable of delivering the superior "progressive scan" signal from the Wii. "A spokesperson for the company told IGN Wii this morning that the..

News: Wii Finally Get Cover Art

Wii Finally Get Cover Art

It's been a while coming but we're finally starting to get some high resolution Wii artwork for games such as Red Steel, Tony Hawks and Far Cry.

Nintendo has sometimes suffered when it comes to cover artwork style, but this time it looks pretty damn sweet. We've recently started receiving high resolution artwork, check them out:..