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News: Wii Fit Gets Its Own Wii Mat

Wii Fit Gets Its Own Wii Mat

The Wii is looking more and more like a successor to Reebok's STEP fitness system

Despite confirmation from many sites (including us) that the Wii Balance Board is perfectly stable on even the most polished wooden floors, Nintendo has nevertheless endorsed the production of what can only be described as the most bizarre videogame accessory we’ve ever seen. And yes, we include the Power Glove in..

News: Wii Fit: Famitsu Preview Scans

Wii Fit: Famitsu Preview Scans

Thanks to Nintendo, the promise of a God-like physique is almost with us

Japanese magazine Famitsu has just published a pretty in-depth guide to all things Wii Fit. The game has done impressive business over in Japan and looks certain to repeat this performance when it’s released alongside the Wii balance board controller in the West this year. Check out the scans by clicking the link below. We..

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