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  • Weirdness Zelda Answers Rejected on Jeopardy, Hearts are Broken

    What a mean show

    Jeopardy! is a popular quiz show in the U.S. Heck, there's even a Jeopardy! game for the Wii U, which is one in the eye for anyone that says there aren't enough games for the system; its iconic jingle and tense battles over thousands of dollars are typical game show fare. Yet Nintendo fans may object to a recent bit of pedantry...

  • Weirdness Picking an Original Pokémon Starter, Always a Tough Call

    Pick me!

    Pokémon is a gaming culture phenomenon, with legions of fans that can readily recite 'mon names and abilities without a pause for breath. For newcomers or those that haven't been there and seen it all, however, picking a starter 'mon can be a tough call. Sure, they're different types and have varying strengths and weaknesses, but how do...

  • Weirdness Level-5 Flies Straight With its Favourite Character Poll Wallpaper

    Well played

    A little while ago we shared the peculiar news that a load of online pranksters had voted for the Aero Porter plane as their 'favourite' Level-5 character. It was a poll to celebrate the company's 15th anniversary, and pleas for the vote to be taken seriously were clearly ignored — we feel confident saying that these were pranksters,...

  • Weirdness Bling is Redefined by These Zelda Songrings

    One ocarina to rule them all

    Owning Nintendo-related nick-nacks is, for some, part of the deal as a fan of the company and its games. They can be plushies, cushions, pins, bags and all-manner of things; some of these collectibles are worn, of course, whether they're t-shirts, hats or shoes. But what if you want to bling it up and show your...

  • Weirdness UK Survey Determines What Makes an "Average UK Gamer"

    Probably not accurate, but a quirky result

    Those of us a little longer in the tooth probably remember those days in the '90s when gamers were crudely pigeon-holed as sweaty teenagers in darkened rooms or, as TV adverts tried to suggest, happy smiling teenagers in brightly lit rooms. Games have come a long way since then, of course, with technology...

  • Video The Mysteries of Evolution Are Solved, Pokémon is the Answer

    The old B button trick

    Occasionally we like to highlight humourous videos that riff on Nintendo history, particularly as it shows — above all else — that Nintendo is a strong part of pop culture. If people keep referencing Nintendo's games and systems, particularly of the retro variety, it all helps to keep the company's brand at the...

  • Weirdness Zelda And Pokémon Revisited As 1930s Disney Cartoons

    Golly, Pluto!

    Ever wondered what The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Trine and Street Fighter would look like if they were magically transported back in time and drawn by the hand of Walt Disney himself? No? Well tough luck, because you're about to see them anyway. Red Little House — the team behind Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel — have...


  • Weirdness The Mystery of the Mega Man 2 Box Art Pistol is Explained

    Capcom's Art Director blew it

    Retro game covers can be fascinating, on occasion because of just how awful they can look. Often there's a charm on display that you just don't see in many modern-day, high budget cover designs that have clearly been produced by a rather expensive branding agency; back then, video games were also predominantly targeting...

  • Weirdness Level-5's Favourite Character Poll Doesn't Go to Plan

    And the winner is...

    As part of the celebrations for its 15 year anniversary, well-known Japanese developer Level-5 recently held an online poll to allow gamers to vote for their favourite characters from the company's lineup. With franchises such as Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven in its portfolio, some would have expected the voting to be...

  • Weirdness The Roots Perform an Awesome Mario Rap on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

    Disses Luigi, rap battle should happen...

    For those that don't know, The Roots are a critically acclaimed, Grammy winning band, that also serves as the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Some of you may also be aware that Fallon has been doing a lot of post-E3 coverage, so games have been a prominent part of his show in the past week. That...

  • Weirdness If Only Monster Hunter Was Released on the Game Boy

    On a scale of one to awesome, it'd be awesome

    Monster Hunter is a huge deal in Japan, with the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 likely to cause retail mayhem, or perhaps crashes of the 3DS eShop servers. Despite the high quality of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U and 3DS, however, it's not hit those heights in the West, relying on a loyal core following...

  • Weirdness The Wacky World of Nintendo at E3 2013

    The Villager is a homicidal sociopath, apparently

    With another E3 coming to an end, we've once again seen Nintendo produce some quirky moments. It must be one of the few multi-billion dollar corporations with executives willing to pose in somewhat bizarre setups, either in front of the obligatory over-sized props or, on occasion, playing a bit of...

  • Weirdness Someone Is Planning On Digging Up Atari's Buried E.T. Cartridges

    Could this urban legend be true? We'll soon find out

    Before Nintendo came along and revolutionised the video game industry with the NES, American company Atari was the undisputed king of the home gaming arena — right up to the point where low-quality software and catastrophic mismanagement resulted in a massive video game crash. One of the most...


  • Weirdness Pokémon Fusion Fan-Site Remixes Your Favourite 'Mon

    We like the Hypbat

    With Pokémon X & Y coming later this year, many fans of the franchise are no doubt enjoying every second of the buzz and hype. Part of that fun is learning about new evolutions or, when we're lucky, all new creatures, which makes fan-site Pokémon Fusion worth a look. It's the work of Alex Onsager, and he's currently working...

  • Weirdness Theories on the Inside of a Poké Ball

    PETA would choose the "ideal environment theory"

    Video games are often silly, fantastical things, which is one of the reasons that we love them. Still, that silliness can sometimes be fun for theoretical nonsense, such as the real estate value of Hyrule Castle. The same group that came up with that theory has now asked that all-important question...

  • Weirdness Just How Much Cash Do You Need To Buy The Legend Of Zelda's Hyrule Castle?

    Around $113,807,400, apparently

    Have you ever wished that you could live in Hyrule Castle? Does the thought of enjoying the scenic views of one of gaming's most iconic locations whilst enjoying a nice cold Lon Lon Milk appeal to you? If so, then you might want to start saving those pennies, because a recent infographic over at Movato Blog estimates...

  • Weirdness Own The Manual To ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut? You Could Be Sitting On A Grand

    Super-rare game has an even rarer instruction booklet

    We'll forgive you for not being aware of this — because we certainly weren't — but ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut was a Blockbuster-only rental in North America. The 2D fighting title is therefore pretty rare already, but it's near-impossible to find with a mint instruction manual, mainly because...

  • Weirdness Legend of Zelda's Triforce Gets Carved Into A Japanese Tombstone

    A Link to the Afterlife

    It's not uncommon for people to have poignant messages carved into their headstones when they eventually shake off their mortal coil, but you've got to go a long way to beat the legendary Triforce when it comes to tributes to the dead. According to Twitter user mahosyouzyo, when a relative passed away she was asked to create...


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